Flyers fans, imagine a neon jersey like the Stars' new alternate ...


Everyone knows sports fans take their jerseys seriously. Last week, when an image of a potential fourth jersey for the Flyers leaked on social media, the reviews were not kind to say the least. 

Now another NHL team has come to the rescue. The Dallas Stars on Wednesday revealed their new alternate jersey, the blackout jersey as they’re calling it. Beware, you may need sunglasses to look at them.  

What is there to say about this jersey? Phil Knight (co-founder of Nike and designer of Oregon football uniforms) may think these are a little bright. The Stars, fresh off an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final, are looking to capitalize on their success and get some notoriety. To their credit, this is a good way to get noticed. How can you not notice these jerseys? I feel bad for the teams that have to play them when they're wearing these jerseys.

Flyers fans, maybe the potential fourth jersey seen earlier this month isn’t so bad. They could always have a retina-burning neon orange and black jersey. 

Dallas Stars/NBC Sports Philadelphia

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