Gritty has one birthday wish — Flyers fans, don't let the guy down


Today, Sept. 24, Philadelphia's favorite orange, unkempt, supremely athletic furry fella celebrates his second birthday.

Blow out those candles, Gritty!

Remember his first birthday? When he came running out onto the stage at the Please Touch Museum's Hamilton Hall and we were all terrified, particularly for little kids across the Delaware Valley?

That was something.

Days and months later, Gritty was all over the map. He came in like a wrecking balldid his best Brian Dawkins impression as Gritty Clausclotheslined sumo wrestlers and took care of the youngsters.

Philly fell in love.

Now, Flyers fans of all ages are celebrating another trip around the sun for the Grittster.

Man, time flies.

Gritty, very fittingly and personifying his selflessness, is not asking for much this birthday.

Just one thing.

Roast him.

You can grant Gritty his birthday wish at 7 p.m. ET on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As we all know, Gritty's got thick skin. Give him your best shots. He wouldn't have it any other way.