We've seen Gritty in preseason form.

Imagine that guy in regular-season form?

Yeah, it lived up to the billing Tuesday night for the home opener.

The Flyers on Monday announced:

Having already taken the world by storm, the Flyers brand new mascot, Gritty, will celebrate the home opener with a dramatic grand entrance.

They weren't kidding.

Gritty came in like a wrecking ball. He floated down from the rafters with Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" playing in the background, as you can watch in the video above.

Well done, Gritty.

The hype for Gritty has gained steam by the day ever since his unveiling two weeks ago.

The day after his introduction, he was on "Good Morning America." Later in the week, he wreaked havoc on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show." He's been impersonated on Conan O'Brien's "Team Coco." There's a beer and goalie mask in his honor (as well as several other absurd products), people are getting actual tattoos of the googly-eyed fella and he's now the best friend of the Phillie Phanatic


As expected, Gritty fever was humming for the home opener.

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