As Flyers test out new goal songs, some players give their personal picks


The Flyers have turned to their fans for the team's new goal song this season.

Since Sept. 13, fans were able to submit nominations for the tune that blasts at the Wells Fargo Center when the Flyers light the lamp.

Per the Flyers, in the initial 48 hours of the announcement, the organization fielded over 4,000 requests.

“The response from our fan base has been overwhelming, but that’s no surprise, because we have the most passionate fans in hockey," Valerie Camillo, Flyers and Wells Fargo Center president of business operations, said in a release from the team on Sept. 17. "We initially thought we had 10,000 nominations, but then realized Gritty submitted 'Freebird' over 6,000 times. With that issue cleared up, we look forward to having a list of finalists identified soon."

During the preseason, the Flyers are testing out a different song for each goal. Fans will be able to vote again on the final selections to ultimately pick the team's new goal song, which will debut on the Oct. 15 regular-season opener.

The Athletic's Charlie O'Connor, Flyers beat writer and music maven, has kept track of the goal songs used by the team so far through two preseason games at the Wells Fargo Center.

Here are the five:

The whole process had us thinking: if Flyers players could pick their own personal song or one for the team, what would it be?


NBC Sports Philadelphia's Taryn Hatcher got the answers on media day a week and a half ago. Keith Yandle's selection was money. Watch the video above to find out which songs the players picked.

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