Gritty on Broadway? Flyers' mascot hopes to join Ratatouille Musical


If you're active on social media (especially TikTok), then you have most likely come across the bizarre and completely amazing creation of "Ratatouille the Musical." 

Yes, Disney Pixar's film based in Paris, France has been adapted into a musical entirely by fans and creators. The internet - what a wild place. 

Well, even though they've already had a few virtual runs early in 2021, it looks like Gritty doesn't want to miss the opportunity to get the call if the curtain rises once again. 

Wells Fargo Center may not be host to fans at the moment through the Flyers' young season, but that doesn't mean Gritty is just sitting back and enjoying the games. 

If anything, he's working harder than ever. 

In full costume (or really lack thereof), Gritty choreographed a small piece to showcase for the rising show. 

And It didn't even take the entire game for the musical's account to notice the mascot's video: 

Gritty said that Broadway needs him ... which is absolutely correct. 

Listen, we'll take any fun and wholesome content that 2021 throws our way.