Hello, it me — President of the Gritty Committee, here to deliver a very important message. 

Did you know that the voting for the NHL Fan Choice Awards is underway? No? Well, now you do. 

There are a few Flyers that are nominated that are also nominated, but none are more important than the “Best Mascot” category. I’m sure you know where this is going. We need to make sure our giant, orange, pal Gritty takes home the trophy. 

If you still aren’t convinced that he is — in fact — the best mascot around, let me break it all down for you. 

1. He is the reigning victor 

In Gritty’s entire existence, he is 1/1 when it comes to being nominated for the category. Imagine becoming such an overnight sensation in the NHL, that you dominated voting the first year people even knew about you. That's elite right there. 

The hatred people held for the mascot when he was first introduced was clearly a thing of the past. 

He was also named the players’ favorite mascot for a second straight season … by a landslide. 

2. Unmatched social media presence 

Gritty is one of a kind, especially when it involves his social media game. With a whopping following of over 300,000, he has nearly a quarter of a million more followers than the next highest NHL mascot. If you’re wondering who — it’s Bailey the lion, mascot of the Los Angeles Kings. If he’s the king of anything though, it’s the king of salt — since Gritty dethroned him. 


3. Knows thy enemies 

There is no better troll in the league than Gritty. Philadelphia fans welcomed him with open arms after steamrolling the Penguins’ Twitter account within hours of being announced and it will go down in history as a top-five NHL social media moment. 

Since that happened last year though and we have to base things off of this season — let’s showcase these two beautiful memories for further his case. 

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B: 

‘nuff said. 

4. All about the community

If there’s an opportunity for Gritty to make a fan’s day, I can assure you he’s going to do it. From leading parades, to surprising kids and giving back in every way he can — it’s safe to say he’s the absolute best. 

5. Master of disguise 

Often times, we look to the style of the athletes when they walk in for games, but seriously — has anyone looked at Gritty’s extensive wardrobe? Never in my life have I seen a mascot with such a wide array of clothes. And the best part? He nails every single look. 

If you still aren’t convinced after this to vote for Gritty, you’re probably a Metropolitan division rival, right? It’s the only logical explanation — considering he is, and will always be, the best thing to happen in hockey. 

Click this link right here and make your mark by voting for Gritty. If you don’t vote — well — it looks like you won’t ever be forgiven.

Chances are, whenever hockey returns, you’ll get a cake in the face for sure. 

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