If this dog is right, Flyers are in good shape for tonight


Listen up, this is coming from one of the most superstitious people alive when it comes to sports, but some things are too good not to share.

Since the superstition is alive and well heading into Game 7 against the Flyers and Islanders, don't you worry. Nothing will be said to curse the universe to go against the team we want to advance to the next round.

... But I knocked on wood after typing that just to be safe.

Everyone loves dogs right? Even if you say you don't, you're probably lying to yourself. So, combining a puppy with NHL content is just a recipe for good things  — especially when it seems like this dog can predict the future.

A few days ago, the NHL shared a video of this pup predicting the outcome of every series in round two ... and with tonight's matchup being the last of this round ... this dog has a pretty promising track record.

See for yourself:

So, let's just leave it at that.

No more, no less.

And hope the team that is centered around the Philadelphia area does the thing.

*knocks on wood again, just to be extra safe*