Meet the Kraken, the official 32nd team in the NHL


The wait is finally over. 

While the NHL playoffs are just days away, the league had their eyes on a different highly-anticipated event that took place on Thursday — revolving around their newest expansion team. 

For months, we’ve been referencing the 32nd NHL team simply as the Seattle hockey team. The new organization has been listening for nearly two years about names that could truly encapsulate the city they represent. Many names were thrown in the air, but the most popular one was deemed as the new team title. 

The Seattle Kraken. 

If the intensity of their team is anything like the hype video they released, the league better look out. It even resembles a film trailer more than a team name release, but that just amplifies the well thought out ideas from their organization. 

And even though they are new to the league, they’re already making their mark on social media. As the latest expansion team, they have some big shoes to fill following the Vegas Golden Knights — but they’re off to a pretty solid start. 

Their website continues the unveiling of the Kraken — the background of it representing the deep waters. As you continue to scroll down, more information is available about the process, storyline, logo and what’s to come. 

The Kraken are also honoring the Seattle team that came before them, the Metropolitans, with their logo design. 


They are an eternal part of our city’s history and we pay tribute to them by wearing the 'S.' We will aspire to bring the Cup back to Seattle in their honor.

-Seattle Kraken Hockey 

The logo does have some alterations though to fit the new branding — they are subtle, but fit quite nicely. 

A single tentacle rises in the middle of the ’S,’ there is an eye of the beast and the layering of blues is a nod to the city that is “built by the sea.”

The logo wouldn’t be nearly as great without the color scheme. There are four different shades of blue listed as their official colors (deep sea, ice, boundless and shadow), but there is also a hint of red, listed as red alert to tie everything together. 

And if you thought the logo was nice … just wait until you take a look at their jerseys. 

You have to appreciate the level of creativity and authenticity that went into every little detail. 

Even Gritty is pitching ideas for the new team. 

While the Kraken are not officially entering the league until the 2021-22 season, the events leading up to it are going to be a blast. 

And come on, release the Kraken?! They already have the best slogan in the NHL. 

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