Is this a leak of the Flyers' next alternate jersey?


Who doesn't like a fresh sweater? Flyers fans certainly love them some jerseys.

Did they just get a sneak peek at one of the club's newest alternate threads? Or should we say an unfortunate sneak peek?

Chris Smith of Icethetics obtained pictures for a blog post in which he details what appear to be "reverse retro" jerseys for both the Flyers and Penguins. You can read and see all about them right here on

Time will tell if/when/how these jerseys could be used in 2020-21.

Just based on the initial reaction from the social media platform Twitter, where the world is always positive, it seemed like the Flyers' jersey was not overly well-received by the orange and black faithful.

Give it time, though. The Flyers' 2019 Stadium Series sweater wasn't a hit at first and then it grew in popularity among fans.

If this jersey is in fact the Flyers' next alternate, how does it compare to the rest? We looked at them all right here.

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