An advertisement on the Flyers' jersey? Why not?


Last season, the Flyers added a sponsorship to their helmets.

Not this season but the following one, it appears the Flyers will sport a sponsor on their jerseys.

The NHL board of governors voted unanimously for the approval of the league's 32 teams adding an advertisement to their jerseys in 2022-23, reported Tuesday. According to the report, "the ads must fit a rectangle 3 inches by 3.5 inches, making them slightly bigger than the patches that the NBA added to its jerseys for the 2017-18 season."

These decisions are never super popular among fans at first, but they make perfect sense. It's an unambiguous avenue for the NHL to take in order to increase revenue and start making up the deficits caused by the economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

Really, the ads are harmless and you even forget they're there once the band-aid is ripped off. Remember when everyone first saw the Tata Consultancy Services sponsorship on the Flyers' helmet? You hardly recognized it was on the helmet the rest of the season.

At an NHL game, the boards are littered with sponsorships and the ice has them, too. It doesn't take away from the viewing experience or the integrity of the game. A patch on the jersey won't depreciate a club's sweater or the history behind it.

We'll have to wait and see (for a while) what the Flyers negotiate for their jersey sponsor. The first time everyone sees the sponsored sweater might be the last time everyone remembers the controversy of it.


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