Flyers fans rejoice after Couturier wins first Selke Trophy



That was the immediate response to hearing that Sean Couturier would be the Selke Trophy recipient for the 2019-20 season.

In his second nomination (2017-18), this was a near-perfect year for the Flyers' best player ... and to see he finally received league-wide recognition for the first time makes this even sweeter.

Don't get it twisted, Patrice Bergeron and Ryan O'Reilly, the two other finalists, are incredible players, but there is a huge factor that set Couturier apart.

He is what makes the Flyers great. Every night he dressed, every game he played and every shift he took, his presence drastically altered how the Flyers performed. It's pretty incredible, really.

And even while he deserved to win the first time he was nominated, it is certainly better late than never.

Truthfully, I'm not sure how bearable social media would've been if he didn't win.

But luckily, we don't have to deal with any of that negativity. Tonight, we celebrate.

Though the season ended abruptly and far sooner than anyone wanted, this had to have restored faith in the Flyers moving forward.

That's definitely how it looks on social media, at least:


Couturier also cements himself in franchise history, being just the third player to win the Selke. He's in good company, as Dave Poulin and Bobby Clarke are the other recipients.

Congratulations Couturier — here's to many more!


Wait ... do we need to think of a new hashtag? We had #CootsForSelke but now that he won it ... actually, no — #CootsForSelke forever.