NHL food bracket creates the worst possible version of a cheesesteak


Why do places outside of Philadelphia make cheesesteaks and have to label them "Philly cheesesteaks?"

Please, stop. Just call them a cheesesteak because Philly wants nothing to do with those wild creations.  

Sobeys, a grocery store in Canada, created a notable food bracket involving every team from the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs. The first matchups were the same as the first round of the playoffs. So, the Flyers faced off against the Canadiens and the "Philly" cheesesteak faced off against the Montreal bagel.

(Philly has better bagels, too, but that is not the point today.)

Fans are able to vote to keep which dish they preferred and the bracket would adjust accordingly with each new round of the playoffs.

They noted these are team-inspired dishes, and even though the cheesesteak is in the final four ... it doesn't resemble on in the slightest. In fact, it looks like a burger.




This is an abomination. The more you look at it, there's more wrong with it.

What is that, a sprinkle of cheese? If that? You just know the steak is cut incorrectly and those peppers are the most suspicious thing I've ever seen.

Anyways — this ruined my day and it had to be shared with the rest of the Philadelphia locals, who will defend our iconic cheesesteaks like they'd defend a newborn.