Friday at NBC Sports Philadelphia, we're taking a look back at the biggest villain in Flyers history.

And by the end of the day, with your help, we'll decide which guy is the most villainous. 

Brooke Destra will make the case for Patrick Kane, who dashed our hearts with ... that Game 6 goal.

Kane single-handedly ended one of the most thrilling playoff runs some of us have seen in our lifetimes and, to this day, thinking about it never gets any easier. 

Katie Emmer believes that Sidney Crosby is the one worth aiming all your hatred toward.

Crosby epitomizes everything Philly fans love to hate. His tendency to dive and draw penalties from the referees, his skill in the Pens sweater and of course that complaining that comes during and after a game (which Flyers fans love to feed off of).

Scott Stevens is Joe Fordyce's selection, because that hit on Eric Lindros still haunts us to this day. 

When you think of Stevens, the first image that comes to mind is the devastating hit on the Flyers' captain in the 2000 Eastern Conference Final. Flyers fans aren’t likely to forget that image as it was the last time they saw No. 88 in a Flyers jersey and it absolutely solidified Stevens' place in the villain Hall of Fame in Philadelphia.  


Jordan Hall pleads for Tie Domi, known for picking fights with fans when he was already in the penalty box.

While Domi was always disliked in Philly because he often stirred the pot, he cemented his villain status with the fiasco in the sin bin.

Read and watch the arguments above from our panel of Flyers analysts. Plus, we've got some honorable mentions. Listen to Flyers TalkAnd then vote in the poll below. We'll announce the winner Monday morning.