Find someone who loves you as much as Oskar Lindblom’s dog loves him


Have you ever witnessed something and think that you just watched a moment straight out of a movie?

Well, that's what popped in my head after watching the sweetest reunion video between Oskar Lindblom and his dog Tage.

Lindblom has had an extremely busy few months — since finishing his treatment for Ewing's sarcoma, he's traveled to and from Sweden, then to the Toronto NHL bubble for a few weeks and was even able to make his triumphant return for Game 6 against the Islanders after not playing for 265 days.

His story never fails to inspire those around him and who have followed his journey throughout the 2019-20 season.

Now that all is said and done, Lindblom was finally able to return home to his family, friends and mini dachshund Tage.

After being apart for so long, you'd have to imagine their reunion was going to be a special one.

Tage was overly filled with excitement. It must have been ruff for Tage to not see Lindblom for such an extended period of time. (I will not apologize for that great pun, either.)

There's also an adorable moment in the background of the video of Robert Hagg and his girlfriend reuniting for the first time as well.

Like I said, right out of a movie.