Who is the biggest celebrity Flyers fan?


Fans of the Philadelphia Flyers are feared around the NHL for their outspoken cheers and boos during games -- and sometimes they’re joined by some very familiar faces.

Whether they’re Philadelphia natives who have bled orange and black all their lives or came upon their fandom by happenstance, these celebrities can be counted on to cheer for the Flyers:

David Boreanaz

On the small screen, David Boreanaz is best known for playing a vampire (on “Angel), an FBI agent (on “Bones) and a Navy SEAL (on “SEAL Team). But in real life, he’s such a hardcore Flyers fan that he wrote about it for the 2012 NHL Winter Classic game program. 

There’s no team that so completely reflects its city the way the Flyers do,” Boreanaz says -- and we couldn’t agree more.


Adam F. Goldberg

Producer and television writer Adam F. Goldberg grew up in the Philadelphia area in the 1980s, which became the inspiration for his hit ABC comedy “The Goldbergs. Among the many Philadelphia references in the show is a 2016 episode that was dedicated to the Flyers’ founding owner, Ed Snider

In a 2018 episode based on Goldberg’s real-life relationship with his father, the young character Adam Goldberg buys Flyers tickets for his dad, a huge fan of the team. Goldberg says, “My best memories are going to the Spectrum with my dad” -- a tradition that so many Flyers fans share with their families at the Wells Fargo Center today.

Joe and Jill Biden

First Lady Jill Biden is from the Philadelphia area and is a longtime fan of the Orange and Black. Her husband, Joe, also grew up not too far away in Scranton, but he says Jill is responsible for his deep support. “Philadelphia fans are the most, uh, most persistent fans in the world,” he said in 2010. “My wife is counted among them … I root fervently for the Flyers or I sleep alone. It's not a hard call. It's not a hard call at all.”

Though the Bidens have been a little busy recently, they last attended a game in 2017 and had a blast watching a 5-3 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine, the lead guitarist of metal band Megadeth, became a Flyers fan by accident, but he certainly embraced it.


Back in 2008, a sports columnist for the Washington Post commented that Philly fans attending Game 3 of the first-round playoff series between the Flyers and Capitals “could be security for Megadeth.” Mustaine encouraged fans to wear that as a badge of honor in a promotional video for the team, saying, “You can work security for me anytime … Get up, get loud!