As of March 19, 2019, Overwatch will have one more hero padding its roster, and this one’s looking to make a splash. The Support hero Baptiste brings with him a basic kit capable of protecting his entire team from death, keeping up constant healing and producing tons of damage. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, “Will this be enough to finally change the meta?” 

It’s been four months since the reveal of Ashe at Blizzcon 2018, a character that, despite the hype, didn’t do much (or anything) to change the competitive meta in Overwatch. The introduction and subsequent success of GOATS comp in May of 2018, the competitive landscape has not shifted an inch. 

The triple tank, triple support aspect of GOATS effectively eliminated most DPS heroes outside of certain specific situations, making the release of Ashe (a hitscan hero) fall flat. With the meta stagnating for almost a year, players are ready for a change, and DPS players are looking forward to getting to play their role again.

In order to get the pro’s perspective, I spoke with Alberto “NeptuNo” Gonzalez about his feelings on the character and the change he promises. 

The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Adam: Can you tell me your initial impressions of Baptiste and how his kit feels to play?

NeptuNo: It feels pretty cool actually. You can have so much mobility as a support, you can transition well to the high ground. He also does a lot in terms of healing and damage, if you have good mechanics you can really exploit it. His kit is really unique in that you can survive two dives, or contest high ground and survive. The hero is really cool to play.


Adam: What are some potential synergies or combos you think will be worth exploring?

NeptuNo: I think his Immortality Field will be really good against Graviton/D.Va Bomb combo, and I think he will also be pretty good against snipers. Overall, he's a hero that's really good at protecting and healing others as well as himself. The fact that he can jump up high when the enemy team dives is huge, especially if they don't have hitscan, because you can heal the entire team that way. He's going to be pretty versatile I think, I can't wait to see people master him.   

Adam: How do you see Baptiste affecting the GOATS meta?

NeptuNo: I've been thinking about it and I feel like he actually benefits GOATS comp. I think if you put Baptiste in your comp, and there's a massive fight, the team that has Baptiste is going to win. I don't think that anyone will shoot the [Immortality Field generator] fast enough. It's easy to talk about, but we really need to be able to play it to see.