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Lamoureux twins on how they stay mentally prepared
2018 Olympic Gold Medal USA Hockey twins Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando on how they stay mentally prepared
John Judge works out every day to learn to walk again
John Judge became a paraplegic after having a brain tumor but now works out every day to one day walk his daughter down the aisle.
Ray Diaz's second home is at the gym
Ray Diaz found his second home after experiencing the positive environment at Planet Fitness.
Darrell's dedication to a healthier life led to a new career
Darrell Bailey talked about his battle with obesity and his dedication to his family leading him to work out at Planet Fitness three hours everyday.
Giroux discusses the importance of staying mentally ready
The Flyers' Claude Giroux discusses some of the tough times he’s had in the NHL and what he does now to keep him in a positive mindset.
Harris speaks on keeping the mind, body and soul in balance
Athletes know how to recover after a tough game but how do they recover mentally? Tobias Harris talks about the need to balance the health of your mind, body and soul.
Mike Schmidt on lessons learned after battle with cancer
Legendary Phillie Mike Schmidt talks about his battle with stage 3 melanoma and urges fans and players to do what they can prevent this deadly cancer.
Richardson on his mental state after being traded this year
Sixers" Josh Richardson discusses his mental state after being traded to the Sixers in the offseason and steps he has taken to be more mindful.
Horford on how his faith helps him get through the season
Sixers' Al Horford on how his faith helps him get through the ups and own of a long NBA season.
The importance of reaching out for help
Dr. Joel Fish discusses the different mental pressures affecting athletes and the importance of reaching out for help.
Voracek discusses how important sleep is for athletes
The Flyers' Jakub Voracek discusses the difficulties of sleeping after a tough loss or huge win and expecting to play at a high level the next day.
Barrett Brooks talks about his experience in the NFL and CTE
NBC Sports Philadelphia's Barrett Brooks talks about winning a Super Bowl and managing with the threat of CTE years later.
Mike Scott uses visualization to stay clear before a game
Mike Scott explains what he watches before games to help him visualize the type of player he knows he can be.
HEADSTRONG: Mental Health and Sports Trailer
A full-length documentary that explores the stigma around mental health and hopes to shed light on the need for athletes, and everyone, to admit that struggles with emotional and mental issues are part of...