NFL trade rumors: Eagles definitely in the mix for Jalen Ramsey

NFL trade rumors: Eagles definitely in the mix for Jalen Ramsey

The Jalen Ramsey trade winds are blowing strong and the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be in the mix.

Our very own Dave Zangaro wrote about why the Eagles should absolutely kick the tires on Ramsey earlier in the week and not a lot has changed there.

A number of national NFL writers continue to toss the Eagles' name around as a team that could be a landing spot for Ramsey if Howie Roseman chooses to engage. Here's a quick roundup of the latest rumblings regarding the talented but often irksome corner.

Ramsey is expected to play this evening on Thursday Night Football for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said today that, "tomorrow is a more likely target date for a Jalen Ramsey trade."

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora said yesterday that the Friday report is "the most artificial deadline in the history of artificial deadlines. There's one deadline, it's Week 9, the trade deadline."

La Canfora points to three teams, "The sense that I'm getting from GMs and personal directors are the Kansas City Chiefs, the Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia."

He goes on to say that Jacksonville wants two first-round picks but whether they get that sort of return remains to be seen given their cards are all already on the table and their hand is somewhat forced. Still, Ramsey is an incredible talent that will come at a very steep price.

NBC Sports' Peter King echoed some of those sentiments in a tweet today which again puts Philly right in the hunt for Ramsey. "Roseman unafraid, can offer 1+3+SJones," he wrote in a tweet.

I assume that's a first, a third, and Sidney Jones to get the deal done. Would the Philly fanbase be OK "giving up" on Jones so early in his career when he hasn't had a ton of time to show what he's capable of when healthy? If it lands Ramsey, I'd guess so.

Finally, King adds that inquiring teams would want to talk to Ramsey's agent about a new deal which makes total sense if landing him would come at such a big price.

Thursday Night Football should be interesting this evening when Ramsey's Jags take on the Tennessee Titans on national TV. You know Birds fans will be watching for any drama. 

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Week 11 NFL power rankings: A shakeup at the top of the NFC

Week 11 NFL power rankings: A shakeup at the top of the NFC

The Eagles (5-4) got to watch football last Sunday on their bye week, but they come back with seven games left and a good shot to make it to the playoffs. 

Let’s take a look at the latest NFC power rankings, which includes a shakeup at the top: 

1. Seahawks (8-2) Last week: 3
A new No. 1! In a really fun game on Monday night, the Seahawks handed the 49ers their first loss of the season. Seattle kicked a 42-yard field goal as time expired in overtime to pick up a 27-24 win over their divisional foe. That means the Seahawks have won both of their last two games in overtime. Their only losses this season are to the Saints and Ravens. 

2. 49ers (8-1) Last week: 1
I admire the 49ers’ aggressiveness, but they probably should have played for a tie late in that overtime. That would have kept more distance between them and the Seahawks in the NFC West. Anyway, they have just one loss and it came in overtime to a good team. After a game against the Cardinals, the Niners have three tough ones in a row, against the Packers, Ravens and Saints. 

3. Packers (8-2) Last week: 4
Even though the Packers let the Panthers stick around late, they got another win over a quality opponent, beating Carolina 24-16. They bounce back after that bad loss to the Chargers and have a bye week before traveling to San Francisco in Week 12. 

4. Saints (7-2) Last week: 2
Coming off the bye week, the Saints laid an egg against the Falcons, losing 26-9. That’s a bad loss. 

5. Vikings (7-3) Last week: 5
Nice 28-24 win over the Cowboys for the Vikings, but there’s no room for them to go up. I don’t think they’re better than any of the teams listed above them. Still, they’re just one game behind Green Bay in the NFC North and face the Broncos before their Week 12 bye. 

6. Cowboys (5-4) Last week: 7 
The Cowboys should have beaten the Vikings late in that game but a few questionable play calls killed them. Dallas is a talented team, but I question their coaching staff. 

7. Eagles (5-4) Last week: 8 
The Eagles rested on their bye week, but came out of it in a much better spot than they went in, largely because of the Cowboys’ loss. I couldn’t put them ahead of Dallas thanks to their head-to-head game a few weeks ago, but they have better playoff chances right now. 

8. Rams (5-4) Last week: 6
The Rams' offense looks broken, but at least Sean McVay remembers what he had for lunch 12 years ago. 

9. Panthers (5-4) Last week: 9
I won’t kill the Packers for losing to the Packers. They’re not on that level, but the Panthers were two yards away from possibly tying the game when a Christian McCaffrey run from the 2 fell short and time ran out on Carolina in a 24-16 loss. The Panthers had five plays inside the 10-yard line and couldn't score. 

10. Bears (4-5) Last week: 12
After losing four straight games, the Bears got a 20-13 win over the Lions, who were without Matthew Stafford. Remember, the Bears were 3-1 at one point earlier this season. 

11. Lions (3-5-1) Last week: 11
Without Matthew Stafford, the Lions lost to the reeling Bears, 20-13. It’s their second-straight loss and their fourth in five games since their early bye. So much for the Lions being contenders. 

12. Buccaneers (3-6) Last week: 13
After four-straight losses, the Bucs got a 30-27 win over the Cardinals last week to stop the bleeding. 

13. Cardinals (3-6-1) Last week: 10 
A three-point loss to the Bucs drops the Cards down three spots. 

14. Falcons (2-7) Last week: 15
Where did that come from? The Falcons went to New Orleans last week and beat the Saints, 26-9. Their two wins this season are over the Eagles (5-4) and the Saints (7-2). This is a weird league. 

15. Giants (2-8) Last week: 14
They lost to the Jets and now have to think about what they’ve done over the bye week. 

16. Redskins (1-8) Last week: 16 
Washington will face the Jets coming off their bye week for a rare chance to get a win. Good for them, deciding to go with Dwayne Haskins the rest of the way. 

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Does Howie Roseman finally see what he did wrong?

Does Howie Roseman finally see what he did wrong?

Taken alone, they’re not significant. Taken as a group, they just may give us an idea what Howie Roseman is thinking.

Roseman isn’t doing interviews these days, but we can get a sense of what he's thinking by what he's doing.

On Sept. 30, the Eagles shipped Johnathan Cyprien to the Falcons for Duke Riley. Cyprien is 29, Riley is 25.

On Oct. 14, they released Zach Brown, which meant playing time for T.J. Edwards. Brown is 30, Edwards is 23.

On Nov. 5, they waived Andrew Sendejo and signed Marcus Epps. Sendejo is 32, Epps is 23.

This might not be a trend, but it’s definitely a pattern.

The Eagles’ roster as Roseman built it through the spring and summer was too old.

We all knew it. We all saw it.

When the season began, the Eagles’ had the third-oldest roster in the NFL, and it wasn’t surprising to anybody when three of the most prominent older Eagles — 37-year-old Jason Peters, 36-year-old Darren Sproles and 32-year-old DeSean Jackson — suffered significant injuries.

You can win in the NFL with an older roster. The Patriots are the oldest team in the league, and the Saints and Chiefs are all among the top six in age. But it's risky because older players get hurt more often and generally start declining in their early 30s. You just can never predict when.

Any decent GM is going to have his eye not just on the current roster but the future roster, and if your older players aren’t producing, they’re just wasting space and blocking young guys who may develop into contributors.

Duke Riley? Who knows. He’s a linebacker by trade but has only played 11 snaps on defense in five games, although he has averaged 19 special teams snaps.

Marcus Epps? Who knows. He just got here, but he’s awfully small for a safety, although he should contribute on special teams if he gets on the field.

Why not at least get a look at younger guys when the older guys are giving you nothing?

The most significant beneficiary of these roster moves has been Edwards, who had 12 defensive snaps the first six games of the year but has 54 in three games since Brown was released.  

If you have a guy 31 or 32 who’s able to stay healthy and play at a high level, there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s actually unusual. Only two Eagles since Brian Dawkins more than a decade ago have started 16 games after their 32nd birthday — Evan Mathis and Jason Peters.

That’s why the Eagles are in dangerous territory.

Most of their key players are 29 or older, and it’s safe to assume that in the next couple years key guys like Jason Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins, Rodney McLeod, Nigel Bradham and Brandon Graham either won’t be here or won’t be the same players. We’ve already seen that dramatic decline in Alshon Jeffery.

If you don’t nail your draft picks — or replenish the roster with young talent in other ways — you’re in trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under any illusions that Epps, Riley or Edwards are going to change the world, although I do think Edwards has a chance to be a solid linebacker.

What’s important is that it looks like Roseman finally understands that the roster he put together was too old, that guys like Cyprien, Brown and Sendejo were mistakes, and that if the Eagles are going to be a winning franchise for the next five years they must continue the pattern of getting younger that he's started these last few weeks.

The Eagles are now the 10th-oldest team in the league, which still puts them in the top third, but it’s really what these moves represent.

Roseman didn't have a terrific offseason. Counting so heavily on Peters, Jackson and Sproles was a mistake. Bringing in guys like Sendejo, Brown and Cyprien was a mistake. Guaranteeing Jeffery’s contract was a mistake.

This wasn’t quite Dream Team-level reliance on older veterans, but it was close. And it’s just not a sound way to build a roster.

There are a few encouraging signs. Miles Sanders is getting better every week, and his backfield mate Jordan Howard is very good (although unsigned past this year). Andre Dillard has looked terrific. Derek Barnett has shown flashes. Dallas Goedert is solid. 

It’s a long way from watching Duke Riley and Marcus Epps run around on kick return coverage to developing a stable of young Pro Bowl talent.

The Eagles still don’t have any young superstars, but at least they seem to have a general manager that recognizes how badly this team needs them.

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