I'm not real happy about Missanelli being fired from the mid day show:

WIP-AM (610) yesterday announced the firing of midday host Mike Missanelli for "violating company policy."

Said policy was not specified, but insiders point to a fight with a producer during a broadcast Friday.

The firing, supposedly dictated by CBS corporate in New York, followed a weekend of phone calls in which a contrite Missanelli tried to arrange a suspension, I hear.

Gargano and Missanelli seemed to have a good thing going.  They had the "just one of the guys" thing going for them which many of the other shows (read Eskin, Cataldi) just didn't have.  I'd have to say Mikey Miss and the Cuz was by far the show I listened to the most on 610.  I'd tune in, purposefully right around 10:00 am, so I would catch the end of the morning show and I'd likely turn of WIP at about 3:15.  That's not to say I never listen to Cataldi or Eskin because I do if there seems to be a hot topic I am interested in hearing about.

While Missanelli was often volatile, I even thought classless in the on air bashing of David Akers, his removal from 610 WIP is not a good thing in my opinion.  Yesterday had Hugh Douglas on the mid day show next to Gargano.  Hugh is just not that entertaining of a radio personality.


Bring back Mikey Miss!

UPDATE: It looks like things may have turned physical.

Sources say Missanelli, 50, hit part-time WIP producer Brian Robbins after the two men argued during a live remote broadcast Friday at Brownie's 23 East (23 E. Lancaster Ave.) in Ardmore.

That puts a little different twist on things.  Once an employee resorts to physical altercations an employer really doesn't have a lot of options.