NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh

NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh

The bubble has revived a lot of the NBA's best rivalries and helped flame some new ones but one thing that's been missing during the regular season restart is elevation. 

Everyone seems to be a little less bouncy since they've arrived at Disney World, and that shows in the number of dunks per NBA game in the bubble being down 25%. 

What's causing this deflation in elevation? The biggest factor is NBA players not having their legs quite yet. 

Another big factor is how teams are responding to certain opponents. 

Don't buy that? The Lakers led the NBA with 7.8 dunks per game before March 11, but the bubble environment has sapped that element of their attack -- down to just 4.7 per game.

And perhaps most notable, the Lakers finished with 0 dunks for the first time all season against the small-ball Houston Rockets. 

Seems like someone is changing their plan of attack.