NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh

NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh

Michael Jordan, in a crisp white Air Jordan tank, shoulder presses 65-pound dumbbells. 

Behind him is longtime trainer Tim Grover. Over his right shoulder stand former NBC reporter Ahmad Rashad and Hall of Fame sportswriter Jack McCallum. 

It is an iconic photograph captured nearly 30 years ago by Hall of Fame photographer Andy Bernstein. 

“Man, Michael is ripped in this picture,” Bernstein said. “Look at those biceps! Tim was doing his job.”

Bernstein explained how he gained access to photograph moments like this on The Habershow podcast with NBC Sports national NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh.

“A lot of this has to do with trust that I’ve earned, especially with Tim,” Bernstein said. “The trainer rules the room.”

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Bernstein, who is on Instagram as adbphotoinc, explained why the image remains popular nearly 30 years later. 

“There aren’t really any other still photos that exist of Michael lifting like this,” Bernstein said. “I had the same experience with Kobe too because he was also very private with his weight lifting regimen.”

Here are the timestamps for Haberstroh’s interview with Bernstein:

4:20 -- Hazards of champagne celebrations

13:50 -- Michael Jordan the Piano Man

29:00 -- The famous MJ lifting photo

34:28 -- Kobe memories

46:40 -- LeBron’s scissor-kick dunk photo

1:02:07 -- Why Phil Jackson hated strobe lighting


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