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NBC Sports Philadelphia

NEW YORK — Jae-Hui “Gesture” Hong shut down the Fusion’s Jae-Hyeok “Carpe” Lee for the second game, as the London Spitfire took Game 2 from the Fusion, 3-0, to sweep the best-of-three series and take the inaugural Overwatch League championship on Saturday at Barclays Center.

Map list:

Junkertown: 3-2 Spitfire

Lijiang Tower: 2-0 Spitfire

King’s Row: 4-3 Spitfire 

Hanamura: N/A

Dorado: N/A

Despite the loss, the Fusion, an unexpected finals participant, pocket a runner-up prize of $400,000, while the Spitfire take home the full $1,000,000 prize and Overwatch League trophy.

• The Fusion jumped out to a good start on Junkertown, snagging two of three points before Jun-Young “Profit” Park’s Hanzo and Gesture’s Orisa took over. With less than 2 minutes left, “Profit” combined with “Gesture”s well-timed halt to unleash a dragonstrike that took our four Fusion players to halt the Fusion.

• On defense, Fusion’s Gael “Poko” Gouzerch, who made the start at flex tank for Hong-Jun “Hotba” Choi, continued his hot run, nabbing a three-kill D.Va bomb to slow the Spitfire to point two. But it wasn’t enough to completely stop them as the Spitfire rolled over the Fusion for the 3-2 map win and 1-0 lead after map one.

• On paper, Lijiang Tower was a favorable map two for the Fusion, who were above average on it during the regular season. But that didn’t matter much to the Spitfire, who feasted on Fusion main tank Su-min "Sado" Kim’ and support Isaac “Boombox” Charles, for the easy 2-0 victory and 2-0 lead at the half.


• After a dynamic performance on Friday, “Profit” continued his dominance on Saturday. He finished Game 1 with an MVP-caliber 2.64 kill/death ratio, good for a 47-16 finish and a game-high 8,824 damage per 10 minutes. The Fusion didn’t have an answer for him in Game 2, as "Profit" won the postseason MVP.

• One reason the Fusion weren’t capable of a comeback is that their team MVP, “Carpe,” wasn’t himself, thanks to Gesture’s uncanny ability to keep him on the run.

• With their backs against the wall, the Fusion entered map three, hybrid King’s Row, with confidence, taking all three points on attack to send the pro-Philadelphia crowd wild. 

• After nearly claiming the full stop on defense, the Fusion made changes, including Carpe jumping on the rarely used Doomfist. He was successful early, but the Spitfire absorbed it all and kept pushing, eventually tying the map, 3-3.

• Needing just one tick on attack to claim the title, the Spitfire focused down “Sado” and the rest came easily, as they bullied the Fusion for the win.