NBC Sports Philadelpiha, NBC10 and AAA's 'Road to Repeat' Bus Tours Philadelphia Area Ahead of Sunday's Eagles' Playoff Game


NBC Sports Philadelpiha, NBC10 and AAA's 'Road to Repeat' Bus Tours Philadelphia Area Ahead of Sunday's Eagles' Playoff Game

- Fans are Invited to Sign the Bus, Receive Eagles Swag

- Track the Bus, Driven by AAA, by Following @NBCSPhilly, @NBCPhiladelphia and @Road2VictoryBus

PHILADELPHIA – January 10, 2019 – NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC10 are once again helping Eagles’ fans get pumped up for the playoffs and the rematch with the Saints, with the return of the “Road to Victory” bus.  

NBC Sports Philadelphia, NBC10 and AAA have partnered to bring the new and improved “Road to Repeat” bus around town, where fans will have the opportunity to sign the bus with their best wishes for the team, plus get some cool swag. 

Fans can check the Road To Repeat Bus’ locations by following @NBCSPhilly, and @NBCPhiladelphia, and @Road2VictoryBus. 

Current Schedule:

Friday, January 11
11am                     Comcast Center w/ Eagles Cheerleaders, Alumni, Swoop
2 pm                      Franklin Institute
3 pm                      Philly Home Show/Convention Center/Reading Terminal Market
6 pm                      Xfinity Live w/ Eagles Cheerleaders and Swoop

Saturday, January 12
11 am                    AAA Store/Willow Grove w/ NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Barrett Brooks
2 pm                      Philadelphia Museum of Art w/ Eagles Pep Band
3 pm                      Rittenhouse Square
4:30 pm                 LOVE Park
6:30 pm                 Chickie’s and Pete’s South Philadelphia

Sunday’s game day coverage of the Eagles-Saints NFC Divisional Round game can be found on both NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC10.  

NBC Sports Philadelphia
2 pm                     Eagles Game Plan* 
2:30 pm                Pro Football Weekly* 
3 pm                     Eagles Pregame Live *+
7:45 pm                Eagles Postgame Live 
10 pm                   End Game
10:30 pm              Eagles Postgame Live replay 

In Game Live airs on NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Facebook Live page in between quarters. 

*Airing on NBC Sports Philadelphia+

*+Simulcast on NBC Sports Philadelphia at the conclusion of Sixers Postgame Live

1 pm                     Eagles Game Plan
1:30 pm                Eagles Gameday Kickoff
2 pm                     NBC10 News Special: Defend the Ring 
11:35 pm              Eagles Gameday Final

Which decade of Philadelphia sports are you? Take the quiz to find out

AP Images/NBC Sports Philadelphia

Which decade of Philadelphia sports are you? Take the quiz to find out

Throughout the years, Philadelphia sports have had quite the journey. 

Looking back, every decade went through some highs and lows but no matter what, it was always a thrilling time (minus those few pesky seasons that will forever haunt us ... I'm looking at you 1993 Phillies and 2010 Flyers). 

While some years see more success than others, it always seems like the four teams find a way to balance out to keep Philly sane. 

Which decade of Philadelphia sports do you resonate with the most?

Take  the quiz below and find out: 


Vote Now! Who is the ultimate Philly Sports Villain?

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Vote Now! Who is the ultimate Philly Sports Villain?

All last week, fans voted to find the ultimate villain for the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies and Flyers. Now, we’re down to four contestants. 

Vote for the ultimate Philly Sports Villain below. 

Here are your nominees:  

Eagles: Chip Kelly

Kelly ruined the Eagles from the inside. And even though the Birds went on to win a Super Bowl just a couple years after his ouster, that pain still runs deep. 

That’s why Kelly beat out Norman Braman, Michael Irvin and Jadeveon Clowney to become the ultimate Eagles villain. 


The shame of it was that Chip wasn’t a bad coach. The Eagles won 20 games in his first two years. But he was an awful general manager, getting rid of great talents like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Nick Foles. And his idea to treat NFL players like his college athletes was a complete disaster. We always say Chip the GM got Chip the Coach fired … but Chip’s personality didn’t help either. 

After Andy Reid created one of the best locker room cultures in the NFL over 14 years in Philadelphia, it didn’t take Kelly long to completely destroy it. He was cold, awkward and was devoid of what we later began to call “emotional intelligence.” 

— Dave Zangaro 

Sixers: The Colangelos 

The other villains on this list are plenty worthy and deserve your consideration.

But are they guilty of a hostile takeover, nepotism, poor personnel decisions, the mishandling of a star player’s injury and last but certainly not least making the organization the laughing stock of the entire league?

Only one father-son duo is guilty of that: The Colangelos. While you may not have been on board with Sam Hinkie’s Process, consider how disastrous Bryan Colangelo’s tenure was as the team’s president of basketball operations.

Colangelo got the Ben Simmons’ pick right … but little else after. He passed on All-Star Pascal Siakam twice late in the first round of that same draft. Under his stewardship, Joel Embiid played a game on what turned out to be a season-ending injury. He got swindled by Danny Ainge and agreed to trade for the No. 1 overall pick before even seeing Markelle Fultz work out. He also got little in return for former lottery picks Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse, Collargate happened. While Colangelo feels “absolved” for the incident it’s still a stain for the Sixers’ organization and still a punchline around the league.

While you can’t go wrong picking any of the villains on this list, consider the Colangelo conglomerate as the biggest.

— Paul Hudrick 

Phillies: Joe Carter

It's no surprise that Carter beat out Chipper Jones, J.D. Drew and Cody Ross for ultimate Phillies Villain. The guy hit a walk-off home run to win his team a World Series, which has happened only twice in baseball history.

It was the ultimate heartbreak for Phillies fans.

Jim Salisbury had an interesting, funny story about how Carter even got to Toronto. Then-Blue Jays GM Pat Gillick was the man who orchestrated the blockbuster trade that sent Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez to San Diego for Roberto Alomar and Carter. You don't see 2-for-2 trades like that anymore. 

Carter has his own wing in the Hall of Phillies Villains, though he was a very good player against most teams. He hit 402 career home runs. The biggest one came at the Phillies' expense.

— Corey Seidman

Flyers: Sidney Crosby 

Not only is Crosby the clear-cut No. 1 Flyers villain, but he’s also right up there among the top villains in Philly sports.

The rivalry with the Penguins’ star goes back to 2005 and is still humming.

Crosby has scored more goals (43) against the Flyers than he has against any other team and he owns 105 points in 70 career regular-season meetings with the orange and black. He has also knocked the Flyers out of the playoffs three times and has won three Stanley Cup titles in Pittsburgh while the Flyers continue to look for their first championship since 1975.

There’s something about the way in which he plays (and wins) that has never jived with Flyers fans. The disdain for No. 87 is authentic and it won’t be fizzling anytime soon.

— Jordan Hall