Non-Philadelphians are so confused by local foods it's actually hysterical


Just the other day, we decided to post a graphic to our social media … little did we know we’d break everyone’s brain in the process. 

This isn’t even directed to the Philadelphia locals who had the impossible task of picking their their choices. Anyone from outside of the area? 

Absolutely zero clue what was going on. 

Like this guy who claimed water ice was … a slushy. The audacity

This elected official who doesn’t even know what pizza, fries and pretzels are. (We hope he’s kidding, too.)

Again. Does this guy really not know anything in this picture? No. 5 is a PRETZEL. A PRETZEL.

This, “What is wrong with Philadelphia,” guy. 

Sir, if you only knew more about these wonderful creations — you’d know that there is truly nothing wrong with Philadelphia. Seriously, have a slice of Angelo’s and get back to me. 

I feel for the people who have never enjoyed a TastyKake, so much so that he’d call us all monsters. 


… I’m sorry, you think that is what

Listen, if loving butterscotch krimpets is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. 

It’s incredibly strange to see people this confused over items that are deemed staples in Philadelphia. Don’t even get me started on the guy who thought scrapple was banana bread. 

Now, the Philadelphians have been stressed out ever since, debating their top choices. Let me introduce the loophole I found so we can enjoy them all: 


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