DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid had a pretty epic duel on Monday night. Whether they were slapping each other on the rear end or matching each other shot for shot, it was certainly entertaining when they were on the floor.

After 'Boogie' Cousins came out on top with his deciding three-pointer with 20 seconds to go (see Instant Replay), the veteran big man was asked about his matchup with the Sixers' rookie. As one can expect, Cousins had a colorful response. 

"I like that kid a lot," he said. "I don't give a lot of people props. I think he's got a great chance to be the best big in this league ... after I retire."

Watch Boogie's answer here, which he deadpans perfectly, ending with a grin on his face.

Cousins finished the game with 30 points, seven rebounds, five assists, two blocks, three steals and five turnovers while Embiid had 25 points, eight rebounds, one assist, two blocks, three steals and eight turnovers. Embiid had a chance to win the game with a three at the end, but Cousins played solid defense to clinch the win.

Cousins wasn't the only one to praise Embiid. Kings coach Dave Joerger was also impressed by the rookie big man.


"He's terrific. It should be illegal to be that big and that skilled at the same time," Joerger said. "He's got a terrific future. ... The sky is the limit. Goodness gracious, is he good. He's really good."