We continue our positional breakdown leading up to the 2017 NFL draft with a look at defensive ends. Instead of a top five, we'll highlight players at these positions who fit the Eagles and have a chance to be available when the team picks. 

We've already looked at running backs, linebackers, quarterbacks and offensive linemen

At No. 14

Derek Barnett, Tennessee, 6-3, 259 pounds
There's a pretty decent chance Barnett could be the Eagles' pick at 14. Myles Garrett is considered by most to be the best pass rusher in the draft, but Barnett is one of the next guys mentioned. There's a chance he could be gone by 14, but he could still be on the board. 

The thing that stands out about Barnett -- his hands. They're elite level and they're his biggest weapon as a rusher. He was unable to perform at the combine because of an illness and could probably handle putting on a few pounds. 

Taco Charlton, Michigan, 6-6, 277 pounds 
You're going to say this is too early for Charlton, but it might not be. He's a long, slender rusher who can flat-out get to the QB. He has a chance to be a great player in the league. 


In the middle 

Jordan Willis, Kansas State, 6-4, 255 pounds 
Willis has been soaring in recent mock drafts. There was a time I thought the Eagles would be able to get him in the third or fourth round, but now he's looking like a second-round pick ... if he's even still there. It shouldn't be a surprise. His combine workout matched the tape, which is the main thing talent evaluators want to see. He will be a Day 2 pick at worst. 

Daeshon Hall, Texas A&M, 6-5, 266 pounds
Garrett gets all the attention among the Aggies, but Hall is someone to watch, too. He could be a Day 2 pick and has the potential to be a decent starter in the NFL. He's still kind of raw, so whichever team gets him will have some coaching to do. But the potential is there. 

Late round-sleeper(s)

Tarrell Basham, Ohio, 6-4, 269 pounds
Basham doesn't jump off the board as super athletic, but he's absolutely relentless in pursuit. He's from the MAC, where he was the Defensive Player of the Year, so the level of competition will be questioned, but Basham more than held his own against top-tier opponents. 

Trey Hendrickson, Florida Atlantic, 6-4, 266 pounds
Hendrickson will have a similar hurdle of proving he belongs against top competition after thriving in Conference USA, but he's an intriguing late-round prospect. He's not a great pass-rusher yet and may never be, but he could at least be a solid backup/rotational player.