Lane Johnson knows exactly what it means when an established veteran NFL tackle like himself gets beat a couple times by a rookie defensive end.

“If a rookie beats me, it's going to be all over Twitter and all that," Johnson said with a laugh. "People talking mess."

That's exactly what happened Thursday.

“Last period of the day wasn’t too good for me," Johnson said.

During OTA practice, with the Eagles' 2013 first-round pick facing their 2017 first-round pick, Derek Barnett beat Johnson on back-to-back snaps with Carson Wentz behind center.

Johnson, now starting his fifth NFL season, had high praise for Barnett after practice.

“He did good," Johnson said. "He got me a couple times today. I sat too flat on him."

Johnson explained that sitting flat means he used a 45 set instead of a vertical set. That's Howard Mudd terminology describing the angle an offensive linemen sets up at opposite a defender.

“Set up 45 set instead of setting vertical so if you do miss with your hands, it creates a shorter edge," Johnson said. "Usually if I get beat, it has to do with the technique or (not) setting right. But yeah, he got me a couple times."

Barnett wasn't at his locker Thursday during the 45 minutes the locker room was open to the media.

But Johnson was said he's been impressed with the rookie from Tennessee, who broke Reggie White's school single-season sack record a year ago.


"The thing about him, he has such a good bend, so if you miss with your hands (you're going to get beat)," Johnson said. "I think he’s going to have a great year for us. He’s got a great motor. Every play. That’s a good thing for us.

"I’d say he’s pretty similar to Brandon Graham, the body type. He’s not as strong yet but (he's similar) size-wise and dip and bend.

“I think he’s got a lot better (since OTAs started) just in timing. Snap and the rhythm of our offense, with what we’re doing."

"You’re not going to break the Reggie White sack record in college if you don’t have good traits."

Thursday's practice was a little chippy, with a lot of trash talking and a near-fight between Jason Kelce and Vinny Curry. And Johnson, who missed 10 games with a suspension last year, said the competition is healthy and a positive for the team.

"It's a good thing," Johnson said. "Doug's been stressing competition the whole time. Kelse got in a little scuffle. Defense was chattering, we were chattering.

"At the end of the day it's just going to make the team better and that's what we need.

"If I get beat, something's not going right and maybe (I need to) pay attention to it.

"It's the best I've seen the team look since I've been here. Not talking out my ass, I feel like we're in a good spot."

And Barnett?

“Take it with a grain of salt," Johnson said. "(When) pads go on it might make a little difference. Y’all can see what happens then."