Carson Wentz is young, talented and famous. He's the biggest star on the most important team in town. He's the perceived savior who might finally bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia. 

And every night during the season, he goes home to an empty house and plays with his two dogs. 

Wentz is boring. But it's by design. While he's not exactly a celebutant during the offseason, he'll at least let some of his personality fly. During the season, though, his life becomes as bland as possible. Remember way back before he was drafted, when Howie Roseman compared Wentz and Jared Goff to chocolate and vanilla ice cream? The Eagles definitely got vanilla. Wentz spends most of his day at the NovaCare Complex before heading across the bridge to his South Jersey home. 

How does he wind down after a long day? 

"Honestly, I like to hang out with my dogs and take them out back and hop on the little electric bicycle and drive around and let them chase me or play fetch with them or do whatever," Wentz said. "I have a little space, a little land. I'm free out there to some extent, give me a little peace of mind."

Four mornings out of the week during the season, Wentz leaves his home around 5:30 a.m. and pulls into the NovaCare Complex around 6, depending on traffic. He normally either listens to worship music or a sermon podcast during his commute. 


Sometimes he'll toss in an audio book. One he recommended was "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. It's a book about the Holy Spirit. 

"It kind of just gets my mind right," Wentz said. 

Once Wentz gets to the NovaCare Complex, he has about 2 to 2½ hours before meetings begin. He uses that time to grab some breakfast and watch film. Last year, during his rookie season, his time watching film in those early mornings was spent with backup Chase Daniel, who has since been cut and moved on to New Orleans. 

During the season, Wentz and his teammates spend long days at the team facility. After meetings, there are group installs, position meetings, practice, then walkthrough, lunch and more meetings. Wentz will normally pull out of the NovaCare parking lot at around 6:30 p.m., 12½ hours after he arrived. 

"Drive home 30 minutes, eat dinner, and hang out with my dogs, go to sleep, and do it again," he said. 

If traffic works in his favor, Wentz will get home around 7 p.m., which leaves him a small bit of personal time. While we've all heard the story of how he once watched film under the dinner table while out to eat with his girlfriend, Wentz said he likes to keep things separated as much as he can. Sometimes he'll watch film on an off day, but he tries to avoid that or doing anything football-related at home. 

"It's like when I'm home, I'm home," he said. "Kind of be where my feet are type thing. I live there by myself with my dogs, but someday, God willing, I'll have a family and I kind of want to just start programming myself that when I'm home, I'm home."

Most of the time, Wentz doesn't even like to talk about football away from football, which can be problematic because his family and friends sometimes want to talk about football. His brother Zach, for the most part, gets it. But sometimes Wentz said he'll have to stop his mom during a conversation and threaten to hang up if the football questions keep coming. "Like, I’ll call you to see how you’re doing, but I don’t want to talk about football," he said.  

Then there's the matter of dinner. Wentz admittedly isn't much of a cook, but Zach and Carson's sister-in-law Andrea live just 10 minutes away. About twice a week, they'll go to Carson's house and Andrea will cook. During his rookie season, Wentz went out to dinner with his offensive linemen about once every other week. The rest of the nights, he brings home food from the Eagles' cafeteria and eats alone — with his dogs — in his house.  


Wentz's dogs are important to him. He has two these days. His first dog, Henley, had puppies in mid-November. The puppies stayed with Mama Henley for a while but eventually, Wentz picked one to keep and named him Jersey, paying homage to his new home. 

Wentz didn't play video games much last year and he doesn't watch a lot of TV. He watches the NFL games on Monday and Thursday night. Other than that, if his TV is on, it's usually tuned to the Outdoor Channel. He likes watching it so he and Zach can get ideas for their YouTube channel, "Wentz Bros Outdoors." That's where they post videos of their hunting and fishing excursions. So far, the channel has eight videos that have been viewed a just under 65,000 times combined. 

A couple of the videos feature a 10-day hunting trip for mountain chamois and tahr the brothers went on in New Zealand during the offseason. That's when Wentz can let loose a little more. 

But the season is about to start, so his life is boring again. Tonight, he'll go through his day, drive home to play with his dogs, go to sleep, wake up and do it all again.