Carson Wentz to donate money to charity of Jake Elliott's choice

Carson Wentz won't be giving his paycheck to the kicker. Instead, the Eagles' quarterback will be donating money to charity.

Wentz was in high spirits following practice on Wednesday, even after learning his promise to give his game check to Eagles rookie Jake Elliott went viral. A microphone captured the signal caller telling teammates he would pay Elliott if the 61-yard game-winning field goal sailed through the uprights against the Giants on Sunday.

Elliott's kick was good, and Wentz is now in the hole for one game check.

“It was funny," Wentz said. "Obviously, it blew up a lot more than we thought it would.”

Despite the fact that it cost Wentz some serious coin — roughly $31,764, before taxes — he felt the footage was too special not to share and actually approved its release.

"First of all, it was really cool how we captured that whole moment," Wentz said. "You don't see 61-yard game-winners very often, and I just happened to be mic'd up and saying some random things, but it was all funny.

“I talked to Jake afterward, and I kind of wanted to donate some of it to a charity of his choice, so that's what we're going to do.”

Wentz knew he was wearing a microphone at the time, but it's an easy thing to forget during the course of a game. Just before Elliott's kick went up, Wentz was "a little paranoid" and "saying some random things."

“I knew I was mic'd up, but I didn't really think about it during the game at all," Wentz said. "Then afterward, I'm like, 'Oh, I said that, didn't I?' But it was all good. I thought it was funny.”

As anybody familiar with the basics of contract law is probably aware, Wentz's vow to give money to Elliott or in the kicker's name was not a statement to which he was bound. Regardless, he wanted to do something once it became a story.

"I never lose sleep over helping others," Wentz said.

In fact, Elliott revealed he first learned of the existence of Wentz's comments from Wentz himself. The quarterback sent the video to Elliott the next day with an emoji "freaking out."

“Carson and I are going to work something out with a charity," Elliott said. "He said pick a charity of my choice, something that hits close to me there, so we'll figure something out.”

Wentz still could not say enough about Elliott's big kick three days after the fact.

"It kind of gives you chills," Wentz said. "It really brings you back to why you love this game, why this game is so fun.

“Moments like that are the ones you never forget.”