Carson Wentz didn't exactly bring his receivers to a tropical destination this week. 

But Fargo was a balmy 84 degrees on Tuesday. 

The Eagles' quarterback has been with many of his skill position players in his home state of North Dakota. Specifically, the Birds have been working out in Fargo, the home of North Dakota State (see story).  

On Tuesday, Valley News Live in Fargo caught up with Wentz at one of his workouts. 

So how are his teammates liking North Dakota?

"They love it," Wentz said. "Check their Twitter. They love it."

Last year, the Eagles' quarterbacks and skill position players met in San Diego. This year, while the destination is less tropical, the Eagles have still been having fun, as evidenced by their social media accounts. Jordan Matthews has long petitioned for these workouts to take place in Wentz's home state; Matthews really wanted to see what North Dakota was all about. 

So what does Wentz want his teammates to learn about Fargo this week? 

"I want them to know that it's a beautiful place and the people here are amazing," Wentz said. "I think Torrey (Smith) tweeted it yesterday [about] the nicest people. And there's actually things to do and it's not just a frozen wasteland like people think. It's a great place." 

It looks like Wentz's mission is working. 


"It's been great," Alshon Jeffery said. "Everyone around here has been great in Fargo. I mean, we love it out here. And it's great for our team, coming out here with Carson to see how he's living, see what's going on around here. It's great. I mean, it reminds me a little bit of back home because I'm from a small town (St. Matthews, South Carolina) as well." 

And how has it been to work with Wentz? 

"Carson's an awful guy," Jeffery joked. "I mean, nah ... Awesome. Everyone around here loves him. As you can see, there's a great crowd showing out here. Everywhere we go, he's the man."