Eagles-Giants predictions by our (cough) experts

The home opener is here.

And who better than the Giants (0-2) to visit the Linc for a fun NFC East showdown to help the Eagles (1-1) kick off their 2017 home schedule Sunday (1 p.m./FOX)?

Will Eli Manning and company avoid an 0-3 start or will the Eagles improve to 2-1?

Our experts provide their Week 3 predictions:

Reuben Frank (2-0)
The Giants have scored one touchdown this year. They're 29th in the NFL in yards per game, last in rushing yards, 24th in passing yards, 28th in sacks allowed, 25th on third down and 31st in scoring. They've scored just two offensive touchdowns in their last four games at the Linc and I don't think they're going to help that average Sunday. I just don't think they can score against the Eagles.

I like the way the Eagles' defense is playing, and although it's going to be thin in the secondary, it looks like it'll have Rodney McLeod back, which is big.

I see the Eagles' front four dominating the line of scrimmage, recording seven sacks, stomping the run, and leading the Eagles to a win. Shutout. Whitewash. Zippo. The Giants can't score on this defense.

Eagles 20, Giants 0

Dave Zangaro (2-0)
Earlier this week, I asked Giants head coach Ben McAdoo if there was a feeling of desperation within his locker room and within the Giants' building. He said there wasn't. "No desperation," he said. "Guys are hungry and we want to play better." 

I don't believe him. I think the Giants are desperate. They had better be. They're already 0-2. A loss on Sunday afternoon would make them 0-3 and 0-2 in the division. That would be hard to come back from. 

So I think the Giants are going to be desperate. I think they are already fighting for their season. And I still don't think they have much of a shot Sunday. The Giants don't have a terrible roster but they've been a disaster through the first two games, while the Eagles have actually played pretty well, even in their loss to the Chiefs. I just can't get past the matchup of Eagles DL vs. Giants OL. I know the Eagles are light in the secondary and might give up some plays, but their D-line ought to cover some of that up. The Eagles are 5-1 in their last six games against the G-men. That trend will continue on Sunday at the Linc. 

The Eagles will be in a good spot after this game: 2-1 and 2-0 in the division. They'll be in the driver's seat. 

Eagles 27, Giants 16

Derrick Gunn (2-0)
Both the Eagles and Giants have good defensive fronts. Both Carson Wentz and Eli Manning are going to get hit, Manning probably a lot more. The Giants have no run game and their offensive line is a mess. Odell Beckham Jr. is not at 100 percent health-wise but is expected to play.

Speaking of health, the Eagles' secondary is a mash unit right now. Ronald Darby is on the shelf for a few more weeks, but three additional DBs could sit this one out.

Will the Eagles commit to the run game? Don't count on it. The Giants could be without their best cover corner in Janoris Jenkins, who missed the G-men's Monday night loss vs. Detroit.

McAdoo said the Giants will make changes to a lethargic offense, so the Eagles must expect the unexpected. This game could be closer than it should be, with the Eagles pulling away down the stretch.

Eagles 23, Giants 13

Ray Didinger (2-0)
One thing I've learned about pro football: When everyone says something will be easy, it rarely is. That is the problem with Sunday's Eagles home opener. Everyone believes the Eagles will win and win easily. Having seen their opponent, the New York Giants, lose to Dallas and Detroit the last two weeks, it is hard to argue. The Giants look that bad.

But the Giants know their season is on the line. If they lose to the Eagles, they might as well pack it in because they face a brutal gauntlet — Tampa Bay, Denver and Seattle — in October. This could well be Manning's last stand, which provides motivation, but when was the last time Eli played well at the Linc? It has been awhile, and the matchup of the Eagles' pass rush against the Giants' pillow-soft offensive line doesn't bode well for Eli, who already has been sacked eight times.

So this sounds like another this-will-be-a-breeze prediction, right? Not really. The Giants still have a formidable defense and guys like Olivier Vernon, Snacks Harrison and Landon Collins will not go down without a fight. This will be a brass knuckle, back-alley brawl. The Eagles will win but it won't be easy or pretty.

Eagles 24, Giants 13

Andrew Kulp (2-0)
The Giants look broken. This isn't a recent development, either. The offense hasn't eclipsed 19 points in the last eight games, including playoffs. Injuries in the Eagles' secondary could open up some opportunities for Beckham and company, but that really isn't the issue. The offensive line is, and that group hasn't given Manning time to exploit a shallow crossing route, let alone chuck the ball intermediate or deep with any precision.

Nor is the Giants' defense as good as its reputation suggests, either. That's not to say Wentz will play pitch and catch with ease — the reality is he'll probably be under duress a decent amount. But there's no reason to think the Eagles can't outscore New York at the Linc, especially with one or two Brandon Graham strip-sacks gifting Wentz and the offense some great field position.

Eagles 27, Giants 17

Corey Seidman (1-1)
Earlier in the week, I saw no path to a Giants victory. That was before realizing just how unhealthy the Eagles' secondary is right now with McLeod, Corey Graham and Jaylen Watkins all sidelined by hamstring injuries.

Still, the Eagles' strength (front seven) matches up well enough with the Giants' weakness (O-line play) that four-plus sacks and a couple turnovers seem like a realistic goal. 

I could see Beckham breaking one big play but Manning otherwise struggling.

Should be another nice afternoon for Zach Ertz against a Giants defense that has allowed a touchdown to a tight end both weeks.

Eagles 30, Giants 20

Andy Schwartz (2-0)
This is a tough one.

On one hand, the Giants have looked terrible and should leave the Linc 0-3. 

I mean, their O-line is horrid.

Done. Easy pick. Eagles 49, Giants 3. End of story.

On the other hand, you know it won’t be that easy. It never is. 

The Giants will be desperate, Beckham should be healthier, the Eagles’ secondary is hurting, and their O-line hasn’t exactly been Tra, Runyan, Fraley, Mayberry and Welbourn. 

But in this case, I’ll go with the rule of thumb I normally reserve for the Eagles after they’ve endured a woeful stretch. 

I won’t believe it until I see it. 

So I can’t pick the Giants to win until I see them beat someone (except for the Jets and Browns).

The Eagles are six-point favorites. Let’s go with the push.

Eagles 23, Giants 17