So many dominoes fell on Thursday it was hard to keep track.

But if you follow the trail, you'll see perhaps how and why the Eagles (unofficially as of Friday) ended up with Doug Pederson.

1. After Hue Jackson decided Wednesday to take the Cleveland Browns' head coaching job, the Giants had to alter their plans. New York was reportedly scheduled to interview Jackson on Thursday.

2. The Eagles had been high on former Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, who they interviewed on Jan. 7.

3. After losing out on Jackson, the Giants on Wednesday promoted McAdoo to head coach to replace Tom Coughlin. That promotion became official on Thursday afternoon.

4. With the Eagles having missed out on McAdoo, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday morning that the Eagles had shifted their attention to Coughlin.

5. Several hours later, Schefter reported that Coughlin had withdrawn his name from consideration for the Eagles job.

And here's where it gets interesting: According to the New York Daily News, the reason Coughlin changed his mind and decided against joining the Eagles is that with McAdoo staying in New York, Coughlin wouldn't be able to take his former assistant coaches with him to his next destination.


"Coughlin bailed on the Eagles because much of his staff was under contract to the Giants and once McAdoo was hired to replace him, he couldn’t get his crew to Philly," Gary Myers wrote late Thursday night.

"Best case scenario: Coughlin had wanted McAdoo to be his offensive coordinator and Steve Spagnuolo to be his defensive coordinator. McAdoo was obviously not available and he wanted to retain Spags, who was under contract to the Giants. Coughlin wanted to bring many other of his coaches from his Giants staff to Philly. Not only were they under contract and McAdoo wanted to keep them, but the feeling among Coughlin insiders was the only way the Giants would have considered releasing any of them was if Coughlin took a job outside the NFC East."

Coughlin, after all, will turn 70 years old this summer, and a friend of Coughlin's told the NY Daily News that in terms of finding an entire coaching staff, "You don’t start over at 70."

“Tom and Ben are close and Tom knew who Ben wanted to keep,” a source close to Coughlin told the paper. “If Ben didn’t take the Giants job, a lot of coaches could have been available.”

And so it now begins to make sense why Coughlin changed his mind so late in the game, and it doesn't appear to have much at all to do with personnel power.

But, hey, for many of the reasons CSN's Reuben Frank pointed out Thursday, the Giants may have actually done the Eagles a favor. 

There's no reason yet to think McAdoo will be a better head coach than Pederson, and if Pederson does succeed he'd be a longer-term option for the Eagles than Coughlin ever would have been.