Thanks to their two sons, the house of Donna and Ed Kelce in Cleveland became a multi-sports complex in the mid-1990s. 

Eagles center Jason Kelce and his younger brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, competed at just about everything growing up. 

With help from dad, their basement became a mini-sticks hockey arena. The backyard served as a handball court. Even the living room became a battlefield. 

"Whoever got the remote first got to pick which channels we were watching," Travis said this week on a conference call with Philadelphia reporters. "Whoever got to the Xbox first when we were home got to pick which game we were playing."

Jason and Travis will face each other in a football game for the first time in their professional careers Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Their two teams played each other in 2013, but Travis was hurt and unable to play. 

Sunday should be special for both of them. 

Jason is 23 months older than Travis, so growing up, the elder brother won more than he lost.

"I mean, he's two years younger than me so it took him a little while to catch up," Jason said on the WIP morning show Friday. 

"Just know that when I won, it was like Christmas every day," Travis said. 

It's a little surprising for Travis that Jason ended up becoming a Pro Bowl center in the NFL. When they were younger, Travis was actually the chubbier brother and claims Jason made fun of him for it. But one summer, Travis grew from 5-foot-10 to 6-4 and was thin from there on out. Now, the tables have turned. 


While both brothers have risen to the level of becoming Pro Bowlers in the NFL, they're very different people. While Jason is fun-loving to those who know him best, he's much quieter than his younger and more boisterous brother. Travis has earned the reputation of being a hothead and someone who has trouble keeping his thoughts to himself. 

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said the two brothers are "night and day." 

"They're completely different," said Andy Reid, who has also coached both. "[Travis is] a live wire. His brother is very stoic. Not that he doesn't have a sense of humor, but they're just completely different guys. But both very good, big hearts, love to play the game. Both are tremendous players." 

Their parents will be at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday afternoon to watch their boys face off against each other. The good news for them is that both of their sons play on the same side of the ball, so they won't have to pick one to root for. 

Unless they do. 

"Oh, they root for me all the time," Jason said jokingly on WIP. "Way more than Travis." 

Travis said he thinks mom and dad will wear jerseys that are split — one side Eagles, one side Chiefs — Sunday as they root for the score to soar on both sides. 

It might feel a little like they're back in their basement in Cleveland, watching their two sons battle it out. Jason and Travis Kelce are very close, but there will be some trash-talking going on. 

"We're both confident our team is the better team," Travis said. 

It'll all play out Sunday afternoon. Winner gets to pick the channel.