Unless a hot tub at the NovaCare Complex has magical qualities like the one in that famous Hollywood movie, Leodis McKelvin is moving on. 

Moving on from a disastrous game. 

Moving on from getting beat by Odell. 

Moving on from beating himself up about it. 

“It’s over with,” McKelvin said on Wednesday afternoon. “You can’t do nothing about it. It ain’t like you got a time machine that could be able to take you back into time and [you’ll] be able to go over these plays again and correct it. 

“That’s the nature of the game. As a defensive back, that’s how games go. Gotta come back this week. Just gotta take it week by week. S---… S---. Before that nothing was happening. Come back, go to work, get back to your roots of how you got here and your technique and everything else and just go back to work.”

McKelvin dropped a couple of expletives on Wednesday, but it was nothing like his rant about his poor play on Sunday night in the wake of the 28-23 loss at MetLife Stadium (see story).

The rant was for good reason. 

Against the Giants, McKelvin was thrown at six times by Eli Manning. According to ProFootballFocus, he allowed five catches for 113 yards, three touchdowns and a perfect 158.3 passer rating. 


“Like I always say, I’ve got this thing: You can get beat early, but you always give yourself a chance,” McKelvin said. “That’s pretty much how that game went for me. Early on, the first quarter, it was the first quarter when all that happened. You can watch my play and my play was solid from there on out. It’s all about the timing of it and things I’ve got to do. Those things can’t occur at a time, especially when we just got out there after turnovers and things like that. We just have to make those plays and get off the field.”

McKelvin, 31, has been dealing with a hamstring injury for most of the 2016 season. It was no different on Sunday against the Giants, when he said his biggest problem was that he couldn’t get to his “top-end speed.” 

The veteran cornerback said he’s not actually in pain because of the injury, but likened his hamstring problem to driving a stick-shift car that just won’t allow him to get into gear. 

McKelvin tried to say the right thing, that his hamstring is “not a problem.” He said he has to be more technically sound at the line of scrimmage and during his backpedal. He said he’ll “be fine.”

But he also admitted the injury will likely linger longer. 

“Probably going to have to deal with this s--- for the rest of this year,” McKelvin said. “Unless it just magically disappears.”

Maybe the Eagles really should invest in a magic hot tub.