LeSean McCoy was a guest on NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Friday to discuss his career, the Super Bowl, and his ol’ pal Chip Kelly. 

McCoy took an opportunity to relish in the memory of his last matchup with Kelly and the 49ers. He wanted his former coach to remember his performance this past season since he could not take full advantage when he played against the Eagles after Kelly traded him. 

In 2015 against the Eagles, McCoy rushed for 74 yards on 20 attempts and didn't score. It was a big improvement in 2016 against the 49ers as he racked up 140 yards with three TDs on 19 carries. 

“(When) we played them in Philly (in 2015) I was kind of still banged up,” McCoy said. “I couldn't give him my full potential that game. So, I made sure this last one we played them, I gave them the real Shady. The one he remembers playing with.”

It was a given that Shady never wanted to leave Philadelphia — he criticized Kelly incessantly after the trade — and he still holds strong toward his feelings for the now unemployed coach.

“I was honest,” McCoy said. “But you know what? I kind of noticed that after the fact when he had that team (in Philadelphia) go down and they fired him and (he) went to San Fran and the same thing happened over there, then it's like, 'OK, maybe LeSean McCoy was right.' But it took forever, right? So I took a year or two just to get the heat and the backlash. But I'm an honest person.


“Only thing I can think about and tell you the truth is this: Where I'm at now, I'm with a team I'm happy to be with. ... They've been special to me, very special, in a good way, so I'm happy.”

The trade was even more of a slap in the face to McCoy because he was shipped off for this "no-name" linebacker in Kiko Alonso, a former Orgen Duck under Kelly. 

“And at the time, I didn't know who that was ... I just didn't understand it," he said. "Usually when guys get traded it's a money situation or their game has declined, and those two things just weren't off.”

In 2017, McCoy will be reunited with another one of his former coaches from the Eagles in Sean McDermott. The former defensive cordinator was named the head coach of the Bills on Jan. 11 following the dismissal of Rex Ryan.

“I like Sean. Even when I played in Philly he was there and he had heart, I liked him," McCoy said. "I think kind of back then he had to get the scapegoat. Something is going on, you know how it is, you gotta bring in somebody. He's tough, he's honest and he's fair. 

"And not to say anything bad about Rex because I love Rex. I was actually behind Rex's stay. I think it's more the players, we need to step up more. But I think that Sean is a guy who will get it done.”

Shady will be like every other mere mortal on Feb. 5 when it comes to viewing the Super Bowl. The 28-year-old offered his thoughts on the Patriots and his respect for Brady, given they are in the same division. 

“I'm actually happy for Tom,” he said. “Now, I play for Buffalo, don't get me wrong, same division. But I love a player who is building on his legacy. It would mean a lot to see him win another championship. 

“The way they play; they’re coached very well. (Bill) Belichick does a great job with them. I think (Malcolm) Butler is the X-factor. He plays man. A lot of people don’t know about him but he’s a heck of a player. He shut down one of the best receivers in the game, Antonio Brown.”

On the other hand, Shady thinks Matt Ryan and the Falcons are in a great position to knock off this Brady-driven dynasty.

“If it comes down to the last minute, you gotta go with Tom,” McCoy said. “But I think overall, I think that the Falcons have more. Even on defense and offense, they have more.

“[Ryan's] just playing lights out. He’s efficient. He’s like that real quarterback. He’s dominant. He looks like Tom. He’s putting the ball on the money. He’s putting his team in the right positions to win games."