Updated 4:28 p.m.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — You can watch a play from different angles and get different opinions on what happened.
Or you can ask players on the ice for their thoughts and the same thing happens.
When Andrew MacDonald’s goal was reversed less than two minutes into Sunday's game against the Blue Jackets for goalie interference, few thought it would have a dramatic impact on the Flyers at the end.
Yet it did.

Not only was the goal lost, but the Flyers also had a similar play with their goaltender, except the goal counted for Columbus.
And one goal was the difference for the Flyers in a 2-1 overtime loss at Nationwide Arena (see game recap).
Michael Raffl drove the net diagonally and squeezed Ryan Murray into goalie Sergei Bobrovsky because the Jackets' defenseman simply ran out of room. Raffl never touched Bob. Murray did.
“If that’s the case (interference), then the D’s should start falling on the goalies,” said MacDonald, himself a defenseman. “Just fall on him and they will call it for what it is.
“It was a guy trying to get to the front of the net and battle for space. It was what it was and we felt their goal was pretty similar. There wasn’t a ton of contact there. We felt we got the short end of the stick.”


"I was ready for anything," meaning the verdict on his interference. "But it's early in the game. You've got to keep going."
The Flyers felt MacDonald’s goal was good.
“They had the opportunity to go upstairs and take a look,” Wayne Simmonds said of MacDonald's lost goal. “I still think it was a goal.”
Jakub Voracek said if MacDonald’s goal was good, no one knows what follows. Maybe the game goes a different direction. It was a grinding game between two tired teams playing on consecutive nights.
“If that first goal counted, you don’t know how the game goes,” Voracek said. “That’s a big ‘If.’ You have to play through it and find a way to get the other one and we did. We got to overtime, and if you one make one, bad play, it’s 3 on 2 and that’s it.”
Now the scales of justice here didn’t even out. Dave Hakstol challenged a goal from David Savard because the skate of a Blue Jacket clipped Steve Mason, knocking him off-balance. The goal was upheld upon review and gave Columbus a 1-0 lead.
In hockey, most players would say, it's a case where either both goals count or both goals don’t.

Rubtsov update
Flyers prospect German Rubtsov was in Philadelphia over the weekend and had surgery Monday to repair a broken nose and, per his agent Mark Gandler, will play for Chicoutimi of the QMJHL when healthy. Gandler has negotiated Rubtsov's release from the KHL (see story).