Just a week before the scheduled ceremony, the Phillies are canceling Pete Rose’s induction into the team's Wall of Fame.

The decision comes after a woman claimed to have a sexual relationship with Rose when she was 14 or 15 years old, according to her sworn testimony submitted to a court Monday.

Rose claims the relationship began when the woman was 16 years old, the age of consent in Ohio, where the relationship took place.

In a statement Wednesday, Rose agreed with the Phillies' decision to not include him in the Alumni Weekend's events.

"While I am truly honored that the Phillies fans voted for me to be this year's Wall of Fame inductee, I am concerned that other matters will overshadow the goodwill associated with Alumni Weekend, and I agree with the decision not to participate," Rose said.

To replace Rose's induction, the Phillies will pay tribute to former Wall of Fame inductees Saturday, August 12. 

The testimony comes as part of a lawsuit Rose filed in 2016, claiming a lawyer defamed him during a 2015 radio segment, when he alleged that Rose had raped teen girls during spring training in the 1970s. 

Jim Dowd — who originally investigated Rose for gambling on baseball in 1989 — said on air that Rose's associate, Michael Bertolini, told investigators he "ran young girls" to Rose during spring training, which Dowd called "statutory rape every time," according to Rose's lawsuit. 


As part of the 1989 investigation, Rose accepted a lifetime ban from MLB, barring the league's hits king from the Hall of Fame.

The Phillies will also not distribute Pete Rose bobbleheads, as originally planned on Friday, August 11. Fans with tickets to the Alumni Weekend games can also exchange their tickets for a remaining 2017 game or have their tickets refunded.