Yes, highly regarded second base prospect Scott Kingery has been taking groundballs at third base before games at Lehigh Valley. He did so earlier this season at Reading, as well.

But none of this means Kingery is about to change positions.

"We're just trying to create flexibility," Joe Jordan, the Phillies director of player development, said of the recent tutorial that Kingery has received at third base. "The reality is Scott is a very good second baseman and we're not looking to move him off second base.

"But the way this business is, you want to be proactive. We're just taking a look, just trying to create some flexibility, trying to see if it might be a future option. We're not trying to convert him, but if it ever does work out that way, it won't be totally new.

"We've done this with a lot of guys. A few years ago we had Cesar Hernandez play shortstop, just to see."

Kingery, 23, has been the best player in the Phillies' minor-league system this season. He entered Wednesday hitting .318 with 22 homers, 52 RBIs, a .999 OPS and 21 stolen bases between Double A and Triple A. And he has played a stellar brand of second base all season.

Kingery projects as the Phillies' second baseman of the future and a player who will hit near the top of the batting order. It's unclear whether he will get a look in the majors this season, but he could certainly be in play for a spot on the opening day roster next season, depending on the comings and goings of the next few months.


The Phillies' infield figures to be in flux over the next few months. Maikel Franco could be moved in a trade. Ditto for Hernandez.

The Phillies know that Kingery can play second base and are now just taking a peek to determine whether he might have the ability to play third if that situation ever arises.

Could Kingery play in a minor-league game at third base before this season is out?

"We have no plans to do that right now," Jordan said. "But we might."

Clearly, the Phils are keeping all their options open.

As they should.