Flyers give Doug Pederson special send-off

Flyers give Doug Pederson special send-off

The Flyers are sending off Doug Pederson in style.

Before the Eagles head to Minneapolis on Sunday to begin the madness of Super Bowl week, Pederson took in some pucks at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night.

Prior to the Flyers-Lightning game, the Eagles' head coach was given his own personalized jersey with signatures from the team. (All pictures courtesy of Flyers PR guru Zack Hill.)

He chatted with the coaching staff and greeted the players as they took the ice for pregame warm-ups. Giroux stopped and shared a laugh with Pederson, as well as offering some good wishes. 

Pederson then came out himself to a roaring ovation and delivered the ceremonial puck drop, which you can watch in the video above.

The Flyers, Sixers and Phillies have all shared tons of support for the Eagles as the team has marched through the playoffs en route to its Super Bowl matchup next Sunday with Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Pederson was rockin' orange and black on Thursday night but the city will be all midnight green leading up to kickoff.

Watch Eric Lindros' heartfelt speech

Watch Eric Lindros' heartfelt speech

As the Flyers honored Eric Lindros on Thursday night, raising his iconic No. 88 to the Wells Fargo Center rafters, Paul Holmgren delivered a fitting salute to "Big E."

"You are back where you belong," the Flyers' president said during the pregame festivities. "This time, it's forever."

The crowd erupted before giving way to Lindros.

Just hours before his jersey retirement ceremony, the hockey Hall of Famer was taken aback by the calm before the storm.

"I just walked the concourse and this morning I went for a stroll to see all the shirts in the seats, it’s unbelievable," Lindros said. "This is one of those days that you take for the rest of your life. It's a special moment and you really feel lucky."

Then, Lindros was in awe when he took the podium.

"Wow, ha ha!" Lindros said as the fans roared. "This is crazy. Thank you, so much."

Lindros thanked his family, the organization and, of course, the fans.

Here was the touching finish to his speech, which you can watch in its entirety in the video above, along with the jersey being hoisted above the ice.

Flyers players are lucky to play in a city where the fans truly know the game of hockey, appreciate the little things and are of course rowdy, but also show heart. Like you showed the night that Mario Lemieux returned from his battle with cancer — a standing ovation, very classy and I won't forget it.

It's no secret that when I left Philadelphia, it was under less-than-ideal circumstances. I believe I'm here today, hockey aside, because of two people: my wife, Kina, and Paul Holmgren. Both, in their own ways, have taught me to move on, put in the past any differences of opinion, any hard feelings. It was time to remember the great moments I experienced here in Philadelphia, the friendships I have built in this great city and the respect I have for the fans of this team.

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Bryzgalov picks great seat at Flyers game

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Bryzgalov picks great seat at Flyers game

If you ever need a good laugh, just scroll through Ilya Bryzgalov's Twitter account.

It is wildly entertaining.

The former Flyers goalie is a gem among the Twittersphere, just as much as he was during an in-person interview.

He's also shown that he likes to take in a Flyers game from time to time, sitting among the fans at the Wells Fargo Center.

Thursday night looks like it was one of those times and, remarkably, it appears Bryzgalov sat directly behind one of his fans. He tweeted out this photo to prove it.

Hopefully this spectator knew the legend Bryzgalov was enjoying the game right behind him. You'd think the two enjoyed a laugh and Bryzgalov provided a signature.

On a complete side note, check out Bryzgalov's last two tweets prior to Thursday night.

Valid question:

Great party: