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A very important update from Chris Long on possible Beau Allen mural

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A very important update from Chris Long on possible Beau Allen mural

Most NFL players spent the month between spring practices and training camp doing a lot of the typical things. Some go on vacation, some relax, some give back to their communities. 

But over the last month, Chris Long has taken on an even greater purpose. No, we’re not talking about his organization Waterboys (although you should probably check that out too) and we’re not even talking about his efforts to level the playing field in the American education system. No, this is perhaps even nobler. 

He’s on a mission to get a mural of Beau Allen somewhere in Philadelphia. 


Of course, that isn’t where it ended for Long. He’s spent a decent amount of time going back and forth with folks who can help him complete this mission. Some folks with artistic ability and some folks who might have a home for the artwork. This wouldn’t even be the first Eagles-themed mural in the city after the Super Bowl (see story), but the idea of a Beau Allen mural is still pretty great. 

By the way, the Eagles’ former defensive tackle, who is now with the Tampa Bay Bucs, is on board with his friend’s mission. 

So as training camp kicked off Thursday, I found Long to ask the question on everyone’s mind — well, I guess some people wanted to know about Carson Wentz’s rehab — “Any update on the Beau Allen mural?” 

Beau Allen mural … I’m working on it. Trying to find people that will give up the wall outside their house or their apartment. I’ve got an artist that I found. It’s gonna happen, I think. It needs to happen. The city can’t forget Beau. 

The lasting image of Allen is probably going to be of the former seventh-round pick in his American flag button-up shirt during the Super Bowl parade down Broad Street. 

I made a mistake and asked Long if that’s what Allen would be wearing in the mural. 

“I don’t know if he’s going to be wearing much of anything,” Long said of his 330-pound former teammate. 

On second thought, maybe the city isn’t ready for this mural after all. 

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Eagles players thoroughly enjoyed Baker Mayfield owning Colin Cowherd


Eagles players thoroughly enjoyed Baker Mayfield owning Colin Cowherd

Baker Mayfield wasn't universally praised before being drafted into the NFL. Much of the criticism surrounding him was somewhat flimsy, however.

Take Colin Cowherd for example -- speaking of guys who are not universally praised lol. He's still grasping at straws.

Cowherd had Mayfield on his show and pointed to a clip in which the quarterback tossed a touchdown and ran over to celebrate with the Ohklahoma band and student section instead of his teammates. Cowherd pointed to it being an example of Mayfield lacking... something?

Mayfield wasn't having it tough and responded in fantastic fashion. Watch the exchange below.

Plenty of people on Twitter thoroughly enjoyed the exchange; a couple of Eagles players among them.

Chris Long liked it. Lane Johnson loved it. Somebody else presumably wanted more of it.

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Chris Long still plans on getting LBs coach tattooed on him

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Chris Long still plans on getting LBs coach tattooed on him

All of the Eagles’ assistant coaches met with reporters Monday morning, so as the defensive group entered the practice bubble, I made a beeline for linebackers coach Ken Flajole. 

He’s entangled in one of the most important stories — possibly a scandal — in recent Eagles history. 

“The first and most important question I have. Did Chris Long get a tattoo of you on his body?” 

You might remember that in the week leading up to Super Bowl LII, we learned that if the Eagles won the big game, Long said he would get a tattoo of the Eagles’ bald-headed linebackers coach somewhere on his body. 

During that week, Flajole told us the origins of the tattoo bet and his relationship with Long (see story).

Update: Flajole says Long is planning on getting the tattoo on his back but hasn’t yet. 

“It’s in progress right now,” Flajole said. “I don’t think it’s done yet. He has showed me the picture and he’s showed me where he’s going to put it. That’s still to be determined. He still hasn’t done it yet. We’ll stay on him about it.” 

The Eagles have minicamp this Tuesday through Thursday, so it’s safe to say if Flajole’s face isn’t tattooed on Long yet, he’s probably going to wait until after the minicamp and before training camp begins later in the summer. 

In the meantime, check out this video of Flajole from the winter talking about the origins of the bet. 

Maybe soon enough, when all this is over, we’ll all be able to focus on the simplicity of football again.