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A chat with the bride from the Sixers' Draft Lottery Party wedding

A chat with the bride from the Sixers' Draft Lottery Party wedding

Some relationships last for 10 days, some are for a couple of years if you have a good agent and then some relationships — like Philly sports fandom — are for life.

Hopefully, the relationship that was sealed last night at the Sixers' Draft Lottery Party with a couple of "I Do's" is the latter.

Yes, a couple got married at the NBA Draft Lottery Party put on by the Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast at Xfinity Live! Tuesday night and was officiated by ESPN's Pablo Torre.

Our very own Marc Farzetta caught up with the bride and the father of the bride prior to the nuptials and she seemed about as cool as Ben Simmons before a game.

Is this how she always saw her big day going down?

"Since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed of having Robert Covington at my wedding," the bride said.

And he was. RoCo was a special guest on the evening and received a lovely ovation from the crowd despite having a rough playoff stretch to finish the season.

The Sixers didn't win the draft lottery, instead, coming home with the No. 10 overall pick thanks to the Lakers, but it's safe to say this couple went home winners last night.

What does Sixers getting No. 10 pick mean for team?

What does Sixers getting No. 10 pick mean for team?

The Sixers will draft 10th in the 2018 NBA draft.

The results were announced Tuesday in Chicago, where the Sixers and Celtics learned the destination of the Lakers’ first-round selection. The Suns, who had the worst record in the league, landed the first overall pick (see order)

If the Lakers’ pick had ended up at Nos. 1 or past 5, it belonged to the Sixers. If it had been Nos. 2 through 5, it would have gone to the Celtics. The Sixers had a 1.1 percent chance for first and 86.98 percent chance for 10th. 

The Sixers acquired this pick in 2015 as part of the Michael Carter-Williams trade. Last summer, they sent it to the Celtics with the aforementioned conditions in the deal to get the No. 1 pick to draft Markelle Fultz. 

This pick essentially is a bonus for the Sixers this year. Their own first-round pick is 26th, the result of having the fifth-best record in the NBA (52-30). They also hold the 38, 39, 56, 60 selections in the second round. 

Who could the Sixers select with the pick? 
Versatility, athleticism and defense are traits of draft prospects that would fit with the Sixers. The team implemented fluid lineups throughout the season, and prospects who are not pigeonholed into one specific role could be incorporated.

Villanova forward Mikal Bridges and Michigan State forward Miles Bridges are two players projected to be available at 10th who could fill those roles. If Missouri forward Michael Porter Jr. were to fall on the draft board, he also could be a match for the Sixers’ system. 

But will they keep it?
There is a chance the Sixers do not hold on to this pick. Unlike past years, the Sixers are not drafting a top-three player with the intentions of becoming a cornerstone building block, as was the case with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Fultz. 

The Sixers have their young core in place and any new additions likely would supplement it. Unless, of course, they find a diamond-in-the-rough franchise player. Paul Pierce, Paul George and Joe Johnson are among those previously drafted at No. 10. 

Roster space is at a premium for the Sixers this offseason. They have to determine which of the current players they will re-sign, if Jonah Bolden will enter the NBA, and what to do with their six draft picks. 

The team could select draft-and-stash prospects, like they did last year with Bolden, Anzejs Pasecniks and Mathias Lessort. Or, they could draft and trade players as was the case with Jawun Evans and Sterling Brown. 

Sixers land No. 10 pick in draft lottery, now have 6 total selections

Sixers land No. 10 pick in draft lottery, now have 6 total selections

The Sixers will have the opportunity to add another lottery pick to their young core.

The Sixers landed the No. 10 pick in Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery. The selection conveyed to the Sixers via the Los Angeles Lakers and dates back to the Michael Carter-Williams trade in 2015. The selection was also in play for the Boston Celtics as part of the Markelle Fultz deal.

“Probability suggested this is where we would end up tonight, both keeping the pick and selecting at No. 10,” Sixers president Bryan Colangelo said in a statement. “Given the depth of the draft pool, we expect to be in a position to add another talented young piece to our developing core.”

The Sixers now have six total picks in the 2018 NBA draft — Nos. 10 and 26 in the first round and Nos. 38, 39, 56 and 60 in the second round (see story).

The NBA draft is set for June 21.

Here are the complete lottery results:

1. Suns 
2. Kings
3. Hawks
4. Grizzlies
5. Mavericks
6. Magic
7. Bulls
8. Cavaliers
9. Knicks
10. Sixers
11. Hornets
12. Clippers
13. Clippers
14. Nuggets