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Gritty is the new 'Tiger King' in Joe Exotic-style music video

Gritty is the new 'Tiger King' in Joe Exotic-style music video

Two things that have kept Philadelphia sports fans busy while holed up at home over the past few days are the exploits of everyone's favorite mascot, Gritty, and Netflix's wildly popular and truly bizarre docu-series "Tiger King."

Now, if you haven't seen "Tiger King" just yet, it'd be foolish to have someone attempt to explain it to you in detail. It's bonkers crazy, with amazing twists and turns.

But to get the gist of Gritty's video, all you need to know is the main character is a tiger-loving man who calls himself Joe Exotic who has a long-standing feud with a woman who runs a "rival" zoo/company called Big Cat Rescue. Someone disappears, there may have been a murder, there may be some weird sex cult things going on, and there's maybe a murder-for-hire plot.

So, stuff Gritty is probably into.

Oh, and Joe Exotic makes country music tunes about it all — with videos! Which Gritty is parroting below.

Here's the original "I Saw a Tiger" video by Joe Exotic:

The lyrics are pretty simple: "I saw a tiger. And a tiger saw a man."

But what if a tiger saw Gritty?!? Makes you think.

Thank you to Joe Exotic and Gritty for bringing this into our lives.

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Kevin Negandhi on anchoring SportsCenter with no live sports: 'It's surreal'


Kevin Negandhi on anchoring SportsCenter with no live sports: 'It's surreal'

During this time of social distancing, we’re checking in with those in the Philly sports world to see How They’re Keeping Busy. Up next, anchor for ESPN's SportsCenter and Temple University alum Kevin Negandhi.

What’s it like anchoring one of the biggest sports news shows in the world during a time with no live sports?

Kevin Negandhi: Surreal. It's definitely a challenge because you want to find a way to give the viewer the ability to escape. Wherever we turn, everything is different. We're in a different studio, we're reporting on teams and leagues are affected; the Olympics being postponed. We're all feeling the impact of coronavirus. There have been a handful of segments where we can talk about the NFL. It was great having breaking news -- I thank Tom Brady! -- that happened in the middle of our show Tuesday. To me, that was fun because we get to talk about scenarios when we're in this little bubble of the sports world that we're all craving to get back into. I miss it.

We still try to have some fun. The other day Karl Ravech and I did a five-minute highlight reel of the Top 10 Sweet 16 Moments. Man, that was awesome. That's the kind of stuff that keeps you coming back and wanting more while also doing our job and providing a service of letting everybody know what's going on with the leagues.

I know you’re a big Sixers guy. What’s your gut feeling on the timing of the shut down with the championship aspirations they had?

KN: I look at it this way, if this allows Ben Simmons to get his back heeled up, I'm all for it. If this allows Joel Embiid to rest his body and get ready for a playoff run, I'm all for it. I'm one of those guys who deals with the reality and tries to find the positives. If this time off allows those two to get their bodies ready for a six-week stretch, come on now. Let's find the positives.

Are you getting your Philly sports fill? Watching old games? YouTube?

KN: You know what I did on Wednesday night. I hyped my 6 and 7-year-old sons, before I went into work and I said, "Listen, the Eagles pick at No. 21 in the draft next month, we're going to target a wide receiver after seeing how free agency played out. Tonight, when I get home. We're going to go on YouTube and look at the top five to ten receivers. But there's one specific guy I want to watch. The three of us are going to watch it." So when I came home from work, first thing my 7-year-old said when I got home was, "Let's go, let's hit YouTube and look at the receivers." We focused on Justin Jefferson from LSU because many mocks have him going to Philly. We watched a ton of YouTube highlights so now they have some context when the draft comes around. Then I had to let them know that Jefferson could be gone at No. 21 and they'd have to prepare for that. We may have to go with another receiver, but I think we're targeting wide receivers.

You may want to send your reports to [Eagles GM] Howie Roseman.

KN: You know what, I think the way the Eagles have done their entire free agency, it's with the goal of getting two or three receivers in this draft. It continues the theme of making sure Carson Wentz is the strongest voice in the locker room on the offensive side.

Any tips for everyone stuck at home who may be stressed?

KN: Honestly, get outside if you can and get those endorphins going, especially when you're cooped up with kids. Even if it's just a 20-40 minute walk around the neighborhood, try and be active. We're making up games in the house with the kids, pop-a-shot tournaments, all sorts of stuff to be engaged and active. I think the most important thing for anybody is to do something active.

Is there specific content you’d recommend to others? Anything you’re binge-watching/reading/listening to?

KN: Aside from watching everything on Disney+ over and over and over -- I couldn't get the song from Frozen 2 out of my head the other day when I was on the SportsCenter set, nothing worse than that -- I'm binging Better Caul Saul. Really great show. I'm flying through that. Eventually I'll get to Tiger King on Netflix. While we live in a crazy world, I'm not sure why I'm going to spend more time watching a crazy show. It's a good outlet. One small little guilty pleasure I do every now and then, I watch Super Bowl 52. There's nothing better. I still get goosebumps at a variety of moments.

Is there a local business or charity you’re supporting during these tough times?

KN: I've always been a big supporter of the Special Olympics. They always need as much support as they can get to make sure they have activities. The impact it has on communities and families is huge. In times like these, it can be tough. So if people can give anything, no matter how small, it makes a difference.


John Kruk says he's still paying employees of his cheesesteak shops during hard times


John Kruk says he's still paying employees of his cheesesteak shops during hard times

During this time of social distancing, we’re checking in with those in the Philly sports world to see How They’re Keeping Busy. Up next, Phillies Wall of Famer John Kruk.

How much are you going to miss the regular start of the MLB season?

John Kruk: It stinks. It stinks for everyone involved. But you understand why they're delaying the start of the season. I get it. Of course you wish everything was normal and the baseball season could get underway and play all 162 games. It's going to be interesting to see what MLB, the commissioner, and the Players Union come up with if this goes on for quite a while.

What are you doing to keep busy during these strange times without live sports?

Kruk: Spending a lot of time out here in the back yard with my kids. Going out in the street and playing volleyball with my daughter, shooting baskets with my son. We've also been swimming a lot.

How are you getting your sports fill?

Kruk: Not much sports lately, honestly. I watch a lot of my taped shows. We watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy every single night. During the day, I'm trying to find things to do around the house. I'm getting ready to pressure wash the outside furniture. I cleaned the garage. I cleaned my closet. Trying to find things to do around here.

Tip(s) for everyone stuck at home who may be stressed?

Kruk: I hope you have kids that are active. If I didn't have kids who were active, I don't know what the heck I would do. I'm running out of things to clean, thank goodness.

Is there specific content you’d recommend to others? Anything you’re binging/reading/listening to?

Kruk: Wrestling, of course, on Mondays and Fridays. I really like Braun Strowman a lot, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton. Those are probably my three guys right now. My favorite show is probably Swamp People on the History Channel. I love that show. I also like Wicked Tuna on National Geographic. Two and a Half Men for laughs. Other than that, not a whole lot.

Is there a local business or charity you’re supporting during these tough times?

Kruk: Me and a friend of mine opened up some cheesesteak places here in the Naples, Florida area. Right now we're on delivery and takeout only. We've decided we're going to keep paying all of our employees so they still have money coming in even though they may not be working very much. So that's one thing we're doing to help our employees out.