Information travels in an instant in 2020. That can be both a blessing and a curse given the pervasiveness of misinformation.

It can also lead to people often speaking out of turn and cause some strife when the information doesn't reach the involved parties first.

That was the case this morning when Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen logged on to Twitter to find out whether the Phillies would be playing a baseball game this evening against the New York Yankees at Citizens Bank Park (they won't).

"I come on Twitter to find out if we are playing or not. I dont [sic] wait for a text because media knows the answer before us. Lol," Cutch tweeted.

McCutchen has not been shy in voicing his displeasure with how MLB has handled certain issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

It's not uncommon for "reports" of news to leak out prior to official statements being made by teams or officials. The New York Post's Joel Sherman was the first to tweet about tonight's game being postponed after reports of even more Miami Marlins players testing positive for Covid-19 began to leak out.

It's easy to understand McCutchen's frustration given the risk MLB players are putting themselves at with a potentially deadly virus lurking around ball parks. It begs the question: if MLB can't keep their players informed, can they keep them safe?