McCutchen owns up to his bad mistake on the bases


Twitter is, for the most part, a barren hellscape that regularly makes me consider moving to Fiji and unplugging. 

But sometimes it gives us gems like this. 

Andrew McCutchen caught some flak for forgetting how many outs there were in Wednesday’s 5-4 Phillies loss to the Mets. On first base, McCutchen was picked off by catcher Wilson Ramos after a Bryce Harper strikeout. Later in the game, Hector Neris dropped the baseball in the ninth inning for a costly balk.

McCutchen, the recipient of this garden variety online commenter insult, owned up to the mistake. 

A reply you’ve got to appreciate. Beyond the comparison to Soup God J.R. Smith, it was refreshing honesty from McCutchen admitting he was still thinking about his groundout against deGrom. Own it and move on. It happens, even though McCutchen himself would tell you it can't happen. He hasn’t made many mental mistakes in his two seasons with the Phillies.

Here was the play.

McCutchen, who is in the second year of a three-year, $50 million contract, has hit .251/.349/.430 with 18 doubles, 17 homers and 59 RBI in 458 plate appearances as a Phillie. His .778 OPS is 4% better than the league average.

He’s hit .306 with runners in scoring position.

He's slumped for a week, going 3 for 23 with one walk in his last six games, five of which the Phillies lost.