Early Hall of Fame returns not promising for Rollins, Howard


The Baseball Writers Association of America will announce their Class of 2022 inductees later this month, but so far it doesn’t look good for the two Hall-eligible jewels from the Phillies’ Golden Era from 2007 to 2011.

Every year, the Twitter account run by Oakland native Ryan Thibodeaux (@NotMrTibbs) scours the social media landscape for BBWAA members who have made their Hall of Fame ballots public in advance of the announcement, and keeps a running total on his BBHOF Tracker.

As of today, Thibodeaux has found nearly 160 completed ballots, or a bit more than 40% of all ballots.

Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard are on the ballot for the first time. Currently, Rollins has picked up just 19 of 159 possible votes. Howard isn’t even that lucky. The Big Piece has been voted for just three times.

A player needs to be on 75% of all ballots to earn induction into Cooperstown. Players that fail to be named on 5% of ballots will not be on the ballot beyond that year.

Rollins – the Phillies’ all-time hit leader and 2007 NL MVP – appears safe to carry over to 2023, as he needs just one more vote from the remaining 220-plus outstanding ballots to earn safety. Howard needs a late-inning rally, so to speak. He needs 17 more votes, or he’ll fail to reach the 5% threshold. 

Looking at the ballots made public to date, Barry Bonds (named on 79.2% of ballots), Roger Clemens (78%), and David Ortiz (83.6%) appear on track toward induction, with former Phillie Scott Rolen (70.4%) not far off.


Howard’s stretch from 2006-2010 was certainly one of baseball’s all-time best. He won the NL MVP in ’06, and was in the top 5 in MVP voting three other times. He averaged – averaged – 46 home runs and 136 RBI over that five-year span.

But Howard’s production fell precipitously after his Achilles tear in Game 5 of the 2011 NLDS, and that stands out nearly as much as the years that preceded it.

J-Roll can most likely look to build his following in 2023. It looks like Howard will not get that chance.