Bryce and Kayla Harper are donating $500,000 to help those in most immediate need battling the effects of coronavirus in their hometown of Las Vegas and in Philadelphia, their "home away from home."

The Harpers released this statement Thursday afternoon:

"We are blessed to be together as a family during this pandemic but realize many do not have the same luxury. As the world battles COVID-19 and its effects, we are keeping the faith and praying for a swift return to normalcy.

"Through the power of prayer and helping each other with pure intent and love, we will get through this TOGETHER! Faith in our Lord and Savior will help heal the world. 

"Las Vegas will always be my family's first home. Philadelphia, our home away from home, welcomed us with open arms from day one. These communities mean so much to us, and Kayla and I want to do our part to help battle the effects of the virus in Vegas and Philly.

"In partnership with Direct Relief and Three Square in Las Vegas, and Philabundance in Philadelphia, our family has committed $500,000 to help those in most immediate need.

"NOW is the time to come together and adhere to the guidelines of medical professionals! We are wishing the best to all with our prayers during this time."


Harper is back in Vegas working out. Phillies players are scattered throughout the country, some choosing to return home and others like Aaron Nola and Andrew McCutchen staying down in Florida. Guys are mostly on their own working out several times per week but not going hard every single day like the season is about to begin.


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