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Updated: 9:31 p.m.

"The Man" will be calling it a day … effective at the end of the 2018 season.

Chase Utley will retire at the end of the season, he announced in a press conference Friday night. He is ready to be a "full-time dad," he said.

Utley, 39, had one year left on his contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has two sons — Benjamin, who is 6 years old, and Maxwell, 3 years old.

"The thing I'm having the most difficult time with is being a part-time dad," Utley said. "That's really the reason why I'm shutting it down because I'm ready to be a full-time dad."

Utley said he had not yet told his boys.

"They've asked me a few times, 'Dad, how much longer are you going to play? Why do you have to go to the field today?'" Utley said with a smile. "That conversation will come soon. I think it will be a good conversation."

Everyone knows why No. 26 became a legend in the Delaware Valley. The all-out hustle and blue-collar approach endeared him to fans. It also didn't hurt that he produced some of the organization's most iconic moments while playing an integral role in the club's golden era from 2007-11 — five straight NL East titles, two NL pennants, a World Series crown and a franchise-record 102-win season.

"Drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies, got a chance to play in the big leagues with them for a long time," Utley said. "Played in front of some amazing fans."


Utley was traded to the Dodgers in August 2015 as the Phillies were in full rebuild mode. With the Dodgers, his childhood team, he has left an immeasurable impact on the clubhouse and has played in the playoffs the past three seasons.

With the Phillies, though, is where he truly left his mark. Among the franchise's all-time leaders, Utley ranks first in hit by pitches (173), second in WAR (61.8), fifth in doubles (346), sixth in home runs (233), seventh in RBIs (916) and ninth in hits (1,623).

Not one for attention, Utley was happy to make this announcement now.

"I'll be at ease a little bit more," he said. "I can kind of go into my last chapter of my baseball career with enthusiasm and excitement, but most of all, a clear mind."

Utley's final trip to Philly is right around the corner as the Dodgers will be visiting the Phillies on July 23-25.

When he returned to Philly for the first time as a Dodger on Aug. 17, 2016, the standing ovation was surreal. He's received cheers every time he's been back since.

This time, Citizens Bank Park will be even more electric.

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