Daniel Radcliffe trolls Philly sports radio host for worst tweet of 2020


The headlines in 2020 are just getting crazier and more absurd as the year progresses — and this one has to be one of the best yet.

Seriously, there's finally a silver lining — and who could have thought Daniel Radcliffe would be the one to swoop in and save the day?

Does that name not ring a bell? Here's a hint: It's Harry Potter. The one and only.

Recently, Radcliffe did a collaboration with Defector — a sports blog and media company — where he was prompted to read and react to some of the best (a.k.a absolute worst) tweets of the year so far.

One in particular had us do a double take, though.

Out of the blue, he mentions sports radio WIP's Howard Eskin and a tweet from him that still has people laughing even months after it originated.

That's right, this beauty:

It's a moment that could very well redeem the rest of the year. Seriously, Harry Potter knows about Uncle Larry ... that's a sentence no one would have believed back in February.

If you want to watch Radcliffe read even more terrible tweets, you can watch in the full video below. It's worth it.