Girardi on ejection: 'Way too quick ... this is an important game'


The Phillies won a nailbiter Friday night in New York, 4-3 over the Mets. It took longer than any 4-3 game ever should at 3 hours and 52 minutes, and Joe Girardi missed the final three innings after being ejected.

The Phils’ manager was direct in his postgame critique of how third base umpire Carlos Torres handled the situation.

In the seventh inning of a game the Phillies led by two runs, Matt Joyce was at the plate with two outs and two men aboard. Joyce appeared to check his swing but Torres ruled that he went around. Girardi mimicked the check swing motion, raised his hand to Torres from the dugout and was thrown out immediately.

“Quick? I showed him what he did, and then I put my hand up, and then he tossed me,” Girardi said. “And when I ran out there, he said, ‘You can’t put your hand up.’ I guess that’s a rule here that I’m not aware of.”

It was Girardi’s fourth ejection of the season.

“Way too quick. I mean, you’ve got to understand this is an important game. These are important runners on base. I sure the heck didn’t think he went, and I sure the heck shouldn’t be tossed for putting my hand up. If I put my hand up and put four fingers down, that’s a different story. But I just put my hand up.”

With Girardi back in the clubhouse, Didi Gregorius made a terrific defensive play in the seventh and then added an insurance run the Phillies needed in the eighth. Ian Kennedy recorded four outs to lock down the Phils' third straight win.


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