Girardi thanks Phandemic Krew with awesome gesture


If anyone has made the most out of this Phillies season, it has been the Phandemic Krew outside of Citizens Bank Park.

If you follow the sound of the air horns in Philly, they'll lead you right outside Ashburn Alley where the group is located.

That's even the case for away games. That's right, they set up for today's double header taking place in Washington ... and the fact those games are being played over a hundred miles away didn't even phase them.

Talk about dedication.

And the skipper Joe Girardi somehow found out about it and wanted to thank them with a pretty epic gesture. He had a handful of pizzas delivered to the crew just in time for the beginning of the second game.

And it looks like everyone is enjoying it.

I mean, how could you not when it was sent by Girardi himself?